Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Megyn Kelly Breaks Out of One Chain Gang but Ends Up on Another #Music #Politics

The Rockhouse had zero use for Megyn Kelly when she was cast as the Fox News blonde bimbo with a shock haircut.  She broke away from that with great sparks and fury from them at her departure due to exposure of their brutish ways.

Her new NBC show gave an impressive interview with Vladimir Putin so the Rockhouse saw there is room for respect here and who might have thought it.  I didn't follow the reaction to it but likely there was uproar from neoliberals because Putin anything gets them frothy.

After interviewing Alex Jones, the powers-that-be, whomever murdered Kathy Griffin (I guess), decided this is enough and are now going for a kill shot.  Sometime today it was announced Kelly will no longer be part of the hosting for the Sandy Hook Remembrance which is apparently held annually and she has been a part previously.

Get this, no-one has seen the interview yet since NBC isn't broadcasting it until Sunday.  All we're getting is based on a teaser clip to announce the interview.

From that, the Brain Police have decided she must die.

Something's way wrong, mates.  You know the conform or die spiel so no need for a reprise, particularly when it's right in our faces.  Because Facebook?  (Ithaka:  Groupthink and How it Backfires ... Spectacularly #Science #Politics)

The Rockhouse is really starting to think the machinethink (i.e. machine-aided groupthink) is seriously dangerous.  Republicans have been good at it for years since that machine is usually well-oiled and ready to race.  The neoliberal Democrats were unevenly good at it since B. Clinton nailed it, B. Obama threw it away, and H. Clinton buried it by being so obvious.  In any case, there are many casualties in terms of blind faith believers.  Once they're in your fold, you can tell them anything and they will believe it.

The reason for Rockhouse concern is that fold expanded by hundreds of millions when social networks became part of it and they're also where we see machinethink pushed the hardest.  There's nothing all that partisan since both sides are playing it although, arguably, they don't do it that well anymore when half of Americans (i.e. the non-voters) won't have anything to do with it.

I've never actually watched much of what Alex Jones does since I've seen his actions and didn't judge him worthy of any further time.  With her interview, Kelly will bring that miserable, skulking shitbag into national focus where I, undoubtedly like many others, have never seen him previously.  I don't for a moment think she's a wimp who will roll over for him thereby giving him an open forum since she didn't wobble for Putin so she sure as hell won't shake over a loudmouth like Jones.

In the Rockhouse view, Kelly has taken a cannonballs step toward bringing that miserable bastard into open view since I suspect he will seriously regret ever taking the interview.  In fact, already he is suing to prevent airing the interview.

Cynic:  could be a publicity stunt to drive up viewers

Agreed but perhaps it's authentic.  He's not much good at winning lawsuits after losing custody of his kids recently due to poor parenting.

How about this for the part which chokes your horse, since the Rockhouse believes Megyn Kelly is showing some true liberalism after she broke away from the hated chain gang.  She gets into things others won't touch because no protest is real unless you know the actual content of it.  She takes major risks on things which need to be done.

Kelly is showing some cast iron cannonballs.  Respect

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