Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"It's Just a Bleedin' Bush" #Poetry

The Traveler told the man,
"Juniper is the finest thing.
Invest all you have in that
to make your future sing."
The Man said, "It's just a bleedin' bush
it doesn't even burn
what future can there be
what could it possibly earn?"

That's when the Traveler told him,
"One day the Poets will come in
but the only way to ease their pain
is with a bathtub full of gin.
The only way to make it
is with the Juniper you grow
so you will be dressed and ready
when the Poets start the show"

The Poet lies down in the gutter
and roars about his rage
to this day it's considered wisdom
in reverence for that old sage
but he didn't live a word of it
and when the darkness came
he only gave up bubbles
and went with it just the same

His fear of death had buried him
as he drank himself to ground
and left without a whimper
not the tiniest of sounds
since there isn't any glory
it's just a moment in our lives
it comes and goes and so it will
while all of Nature thrives

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

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