Monday, June 12, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 6/12


Irony - some amusement at China's zig zag course toward clean air and it seems that amused you as well

I'll Stand - it says a million things which also worked for you

The New - Ithaka News on a Nailhead ... because there's just not that much in it and apparently concurrence

Grace Hopper - she may have been a surprise to you but she was going all-out feminist in the Twenties and she built major things

BREXIT II - you know John Oliver won't be kind to Theresa May but it doesn't seem you minded that at all

Teaching - cracked me up when researchers said they will teach AI robos about love

#Photography - these go much better when I put up a batch of them rather than individual articles

What's Hot

Did You Hear - remarkable interest in Bernie Sanders lately

The Washington Post - our friends in MSM

The switch to writing less for better results is working splendidly.  Ithaka took a bounce but reads have been climbing again plus they're much more focused to what's happening now.  It appears to me this works well for everyone since it's surprised me how many Comments have been coming.  I'm thinking the vibe is right this way so stay with it ... less is more and that kind of thing.

The general psyche is I thought all articles were valid or I would not have written but I was being a tad too creative since there were so many each day they went beyond anything anyone was willing to pursue.  Plus there might also be the perception on leaving that you have missed something and in that situation you probably did.  That makes sense to me for why it wasn't working so well since what good to write an article when reception is likely to be extremely uneven.

Things are definitely looking copacetic so steady as she goes, less is more, Cap'n.

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