Friday, May 19, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 5/19

Researchers - science has interest to you because it's about Republicans?

William Burroughs - maybe one of the worst interviews about heroin addiction will ever hear

I Lived - magnificent song with a drive which pulls you right beside it

Virtual - feel the joy joy feelings as we see the latest fear, revenge porn from 3D VR sexbots

I Lived - official version of the song and with beautiful photography to accompany it

Let's Frug - I have no idea or care about how to Frug or whatever dance they do while Canned Heat plays "Let's Come Together"

Now I Know - located the pussy hat nappers

And Then - Waffle House Anonymous spoke and maybe you liked the poetry, unknown

For Sanctimonious - Marina Hyde can get as preciously purple as Jill Abramson any time

The World Needs - truth and Julian Assange has been bringing it forthrightly for years, no wonder Washington hates him

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