Thursday, May 18, 2017

William Burroughs and an Extraordinary Perspective on Heroin Addiction

The interview was in 1977 and the intellectualization of heroin addiction may be one of the most dangerous discussions you will ever hear on the drug.

Note:  his parents had big bucks and he was never short of money, at least not according to report.  Validate as you will.

I did not hear this interview at the time and the major driver on heroin with me came from Frank Sinatra and "The Man with the Golden Arm" in which he impressed the hell out of me as a kid with his portrayal of a junkie.  Allowing me to view that movie may have been one of the most insightful things my ol' Dad ever did since I screwed with a whole lot of drugs but never the ones my spirit could kill.

Ref:  "The Pusher Man" - Steppenwolf

I owe them quite a bit as do many up-and-coming drug munchers of the time since "The Pusher Man" was playing all over the place and many heard what it said but we had not heard Burroughs.

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