Friday, May 19, 2017

The World Needs Julian Assange for Truth but America Wants to Murder Him

America will be trying to get Julian Assange extradited from Britain and it will probably happen because Brits have become penultimate among the world's cowards and it shouldn't take much difficulty to infer which country took the win.

The glory is the outcome from that since America will have to face truth or kill him and Hillary Clinton is going to hate that truth as much as anyone on the planet.

Ed:  she will just do a Seth Rich on him 

You know already she doesn't mind but he doesn't know since he was shot in the back.

Note:  according to report Seth Rich is the one who released the DNC emails to WikiLeaks.

Not validated by the Rockhouse but a high probability of truth.

Assange doesn't have much of a chance since Obama was as much of a gutless coward as Donald Trump and he wanted to disembowel Julian Assange as well since there's nothing in the world Washington hates more than truth, particularly Obama after the bullshit he was pulling and do pay special attention to how he demolished civil rights in America.

Due to Obama's focus on the Patriot Act, NDAA, and other acts of intrusive Washingtonian horror, Obama was the converse of LBJ insofar as the latter did try to improve the civil rights Obama sought to destroy.  Obama and Clinton have about equal reason to want him dead.

Ed:  so they pull their standard bypass of law and justice by sending him to Guantanamo to torture him like they do all the others.

High probability since no-one in Washington can afford it if he ever goes to trial.  They're going to whack him any way they possibly can.

They can't spirit him away to one of the more heinous CIA death houses in other countries since any capture would be too visible to get away with it.

Snowflake:  Obama supported the people!

Right.  That's why he slammed OWS into the ground, wasn't it.  He was just another Nixon who also suppressed the Will of the People and the only difference was Obama didn't shoot any Americans; he just sent them elsewhere to get killed, just like Nixon.  The biggest difference between Nixon and Obama was Nixon didn't pretend to be something else.

Ed:  so why did Obama release Chelsea Manning?

Misdirection.  It's a standard magic trick and works well for Three Card Monty as well.  Obama never changed regarding Julian Assange or Edward Snowden and that tells more than releasing Chelsea Manning since she can't possibly report on US military abominations in Afghanistan anymore.  Hospitals were bombed some time after that so Obama never changed.  In fact, America bombed Syrian army positions in the last few days.  America has no idea which side it's on and has no idea of any possible outcome except to hand the Middle East to Israel gift-wrapped.

Ed:  you're playing Three Card Monty with Obama!

Incorrectimundo as Obama was playing it with us since Manning is the card he wanted us to find.


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Apmel is one of the good 'uns and I knew already that link was safe since I saw it earlier from Assange.

This makes it a little easier to reach:

Link to Assange msg about forgiveness

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