Friday, May 19, 2017

Virtual Reality 3D Sex Terrorism is Anticipated - Science

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The Rockhouse is so diggin' this one; it's so prime time.

Ed:  for the porno?

Cartoon porno ... imagine how much my cockles tingle

It's about some logical flaws to the story.

RT:  3D sex avatars could be latest revenge porn weapon

The growth of virtual reality pornography could see vindictive exes creating sex avatars of former lovers to carry out perverse and violent acts on them, experts have warned.

Newcastle University researchers have been studying the rise of virtual reality porn, which allows users to step into the heart of the action using headsets such as the Facebook-owned Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.

- RT

Fo' real scientific research, so let's see what they do with it.

They have warned that the headsets allow people to experience extreme, degrading or even abusive imagery in an alarmingly ‘real’ way, and could challenge the laws of consent. Researchers say with the availability of 3D imaging tools and the rise in DIY porn, models based on real people could soon become the future of revenge porn.

- RT

Oh, God, not 3D virtual revenge porn!

“Our research highlighted not only a drive for perfection, but also a crossover between reality and fantasy. Some of our findings highlighted the potential for creating 3D models of real life people, raising questions over what consent means in VR experiences.

“If a user created a VR version of their real-life girlfriend, for example, would they do things to her that they knew she would refuse in the real world?”

- RT

And there were we have the first Logic Flaw since what's the probability that any windmill spinner who lives in a world of virtual 3D sexbots even has a girlfriend.

If he doesn't have a girlfriend then welcome to Ban the Porno Because It's Bad and that just gets my Athlete's Foot acting up.

Ed:  what's Athlete's Foot?

Unknown but there are signs on the walls in all the locker rooms and I just know I don't want it.

Bonus Gig:  check the mix of singular and plural in pronouns in their (i.e. researchers) last line.  That's about as intellectually bedraggled as political correctness can get you.

Ed:  so what's Logic Flaw No. 2?

On Facebook Live, some satanic bastard whacked his infant kid and then whacked himself on a live transmission.  Apparently it took about a day before Facebook took it down.  I really don't need the science of 3D sex avatars when nothing is stopping the monstrous horror of Facebook Live.

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