Friday, May 19, 2017

Let's Frug or Watusi or Whatever They Do but "Let's Work Together" | Canned Heat

Stock market analysis going back to somewhere before the Great Depression showed skirt lengths rise / fall based on the prosperity of the economy.

Do you have incentive yet, young grasshopper, to make that happen.

"Let's Work Together"

Just now the fashionable thing is to have a long gown with a train which stretches all the way to those Kansas City Blues.

Miniskirts were much more interesting ... and better for America.

Ed:  sure, much better when the cameraman angles for partial up-skirt shots

Such was mainstream titillation in the Sixties.  Now we have cock-holsters and that's about as pitiful as it gets.

Ed:  we need to lose the cock-holsters and get the dress lengths shortened or the stock market is going to crash?

History does indicate that pattern, mate.  Get on with it.

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