Friday, May 19, 2017

For Sanctimonious Bumfuckery, Do Count on Marina Hyde

Captain WikiLeaks may be about to get out of pretend-jail. But he probably won’t be driving off into the sunset with his celebrity friends just yet - Marina Hyde

Marina Hyde

Looks like another pre-40s Millennial like Tom McCarthy

Ed:  you can always count on their insight!

She worries a lot about whether her appliances will last.

‘It’s 2017 and the patriarchy’s grip is as strong as ever.” If, like many self-respecting bros, you are turned off by mentions of the word “patriarchy” – I know exactly what you mean. The only reason to take that one seriously was that it was uttered by a man hiding in an embassy to avoid a rape investigation. So it’s the good kind!

You knew it had to be The Guardian since even CNN isn't this cloying.  By the way, love the cute li'l exclamation points.  Only real pro journos know how to do that. 

I'm not your bro
I'm not your sis
I'm not anyone
you'll miss
Down here below
in the place you never go
We hear all your whinin'
but we just keep on dyin'

- Some asshole

It gets better.

But let’s steer away from the sadface stories on this day of celebration. Before his typically disingenuous turn on the embassy balcony on Friday afternoon, Assange himself opted to tweet a T-shirted, easy-like-Sunday-morning photograph of himself grinning the relaxed smile that says: “Yes, I know this would look better with a Make America Great Again baseball hat. But shopping’s been a little difficult lately!”

- Guardian

Typically disingenous?  Did you see any backup for that?

Ed:  nope.  She's just another Jill Abramson straight out of the same Pink Floyd sausage machine.

Continue with the self-aggrandizing fucktard as you wish but here's what the Resistance really looks like.

Ed:  still no sign of the pussy hats, huh?

Nope, apparently my patriarchal grip just hasn't been enough.

Ed: maybe you just didn't encourage enough rapists, you know how that Patriarchy does, huh?

Well, no, I only know how the Plutocracy does but our li'l crumpet didn't even make it to Oligarchy.  

Pfft.  Just another lightweight.

Ed:  the colors match

Fashion is my life

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