Friday, May 19, 2017

"I Lived To Tell About It" | War & Pierce | [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

There is a way you can jam with the band, young Bluesman.

For jamming on the shy, run the audio from whatever plays the video out to your mixer and drop the levels since it likely comes in hot and will blow your monitors to the Moon.

You may need to bring the axe up but the purpose isn't to dominate but rather match levels.

Domination makes no sense with War & Pierce when that's exactly the problem they describe.

So bring it up and then bring it down, young Bluesman.  Learn those chords.

Ask them if they would mind if you cover it with your live band or maybe they will want to jam with you.   Send them a tape.  Playing for Change works somehow in that way and it would only be practical to send audition tracks over the net but the only question is why haven't you done it yet.

Take the music where it didn't go before.

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