Friday, March 10, 2017

The Great Disturbance in the Force Continues Rippling

Something which just dawned is going up to Tennessee in April can't possibly work now.  It's hard to get a full grip on what's actually happening and I don't want to reveal any detail in any case.  The detail is not important to discuss and I imagine the hipsters grok it already.

Mystery Lady is on it and Lotho has probably deduced it.  I will call Cadillac Man since it has been a few weeks anyway.  The situation is not regarding me although it runs deep in multiple directions.

It's the classic exercise in what to do when things make no sense and that's all very well for a textbook but McGraw Hill is not in this mix.

Releasing "Ride the Dragon" worked quite nicely as a diversion but it was good to get that done for its own sake.  There's more follow-through required but that will keep for the moment.  The purpose wasn't diverting myself but rather it was misdirection John Travolta-style from "Swordfish."  (WIKI:  Swordfish (film))

Ed:  esoteric references to movies just makes you look like a serial killer

I wouldn't make it as a serial killer so there's any hope for fame down that path shot all to hell.  It's intriguing to listen to interviews with them to try to understand what makes those mutants work but that doesn't imply even a tiny wish to do anything of that nature myself.

Dr Phil:  De Nile is a river in Egypt!

Yah, and you're a cliche-ridden yokel.

Fuckin' hell.

Billy Bob:  dayum, that water is cold!

Calvin:  yeah and it's deep too

There's likely a good topic for three in the morning but this one isn't it.

Misdirection has been a big part of the set at Ithaka since it's been my purpose to spin various things but there are others which don't spin and that's the present circumstance.  Things are moving at a wicked speed and that's adding a twist which didn't exist previously.

I will call soon and the vibe sounds massively depressive possibly but it's more complex than that.  The situation isn't at all one-dimensional and that's part of the reason for staying away from social networks.  I'm surprised by the level of comedy but there's damn sure no resistance to it.

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