Friday, March 10, 2017

For When You Will Feel Superior About Your Driving

Here we have a compilation of yokels with fast cars and bikes, none of which fare so well when said yokels try to do a little grandstanding.  Come for the smoke and stay for them setting their vehicles afire.

There's nothing much to add to this since you already see the yokels have more money than sense or they wouldn't be abusing their automotive hardware so badly.  I do confess to some twisted amusement when I saw them torching their cars with these idiot stunts.  Well, that serves you damn right, doesn't it.

A Honda 500 is the only bike I had which no-one ever dropped.  It was a clunky and heavy motorcycle but it was rock solid.  I rode it quite a bit and so did Lotho but I'm not sure if anyone else did since I was never that free with riding my bikes or playing my guitars.  Those are my womens, don'tcha know.

There's only one time any of us ever whacked a vehicle just because we could and that was with the Duckmobile.

Note:  the image is heavily Photoshopped but I didn't change the vehicle at all.

Some of the regulars remember the demolition crew when it came time for The Hook but that was hardly characteristic.  Other than that, I don't recall any significant vandalization of automobiles.


Anonymous said...

Look to earlier post on the requirements to get a license.
Less to buy a fast car.
At least Corvette added a racetrack at their Bowling Green plant so you can trash your $100k car in safety and with minimal onlookers.
I did not hurt by stuff at the bike school and hurt none of the cars at Fantasy tracks. So let's hope that record stays whole in Bowling Green.

Peas InOurThyme said...

I never thought you were smashing up machinery. If anything, you were the one who didn't. That sounds like a tingle driving a Corvette the fastest it will go on a track which is cool for it.

Anonymous said...

None of those idiots lost more than their deductible and the increase in premiums
I hit a cop in Docs Trans Am

Peas InOurThyme said...

The ones I really, really didn't get were burning the tires for so long the car caught fire and most of this stuff strikes me as behavior which comes on Sugar Daddy's dime but deliberately destroying a vehicle like that was unbelievable.

I haven't forgotten Doc talking about 'bricking' cars to deliberately blow them up but those were junkers which would never be repaired. I never did see him do it and, oh, for the video.