Friday, March 10, 2017

Elon Musk is Solid as One of World's Reigning Bad Asses

South Australia has a substantial energy problem and its infrastructure hasn't been sufficient to withstand fluctuations which can take the whole state down.

South Australia is vulnerable due to its energy requirements.  Last September, storms led to a state-wide blackout, forcing the shutdown of ports and public transport.

Outages also disrupted operations of mining majors like BHP Billiton.  The state has 1.7 million people, making in the fifth most populous in the country.

While energy prices have surged in the state, local companies have failed to meet demand for environmental reasons.

RT:  Elon Musk pledges to solve South Australia’s energy problems in 100 days or do it for free

In a time when we get so much mealy-mouth equivocation from corporate types, Elon Musk is the finest kind of contrast.  So, yeah, man.  I'll fix it in three months or it costs nothing.


There is no bluff behind this.

Musk’s cousin Lyndon Rive, co-founder of SolarCity told Australian news site AFR the company can install 100 to 300 megawatt per hour battery storage in 100 days, which would solve the energy problem.

"We don't have 300MWh sitting there ready to go, but I'll make sure there are," he told the AFR.

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Here's the nutso part:  the deal went down on Twitter directly between Elon Musk and a heavy in South Australian energy.

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