Saturday, March 25, 2017

Something of a Dogfight on Ithaka Today

The cat fights are outside and I'll get to those in a moment since, awwww, it's Caturday and I love it that those vicious little killers get a day of the week, just like Jesus.  America is so endlessly strange I will never run out of material.

There were just under twenty articles for Ithaka today and that inevitably results in a dogfight between them since only nine will make it to the Top Ten of the day when the tenth is often the What's Hot list from the day before.

It isn't my purpose to create such dogfights since I think all the articles have value from someone's perspective or I wouldn't bother.  There is no plan in whatever I will write for a day beyond browsing about and thinking, hmmm, I think I'll have some of that.

Although it's not my purpose to create dogfights, it's interesting to watch them for whatever percolates upward.

Today you were diggin' it with the ultra smart music from Robert Fripp and the beautifully beautiful from Aida but you really did not want to hear any blues.

It surprised me how much the CIA attack on Apple clicked and also that the VA article which focused on centralized medical information did not.  Centralizing med information gets you feeling really squeamish but there are major advantages and the article reviews them from real world experience.

There's not much to be concluded from those observations but the percolation can be interesting.

In other news is the catfighting outside since there's the sometimes resident Rockhouse Cat and sometimes she goes walkabout but comes back days later.  There's also the reviled Fluffy Grey Cat which is believed to have run off Gabriela.  Also there's the Orange with the Crazy Ears but she's ok and knows how to co-exist.  However, the Fluffy Grey Cat tries to push off the Rockhouse Cat so this requires engagement by the Rockhouse Perimeter Defense Force.

I saw some kind of Super Soaker squirt gun at Wal-Mart earlier and it was only six or seven dollars but I didn't want to waste Yevette's jingle although it did offer an amused consideration of the Fluffy Grey Cat soaked to her skin as she tries to swim away from the Titanic.

Cats do so much love to swim, don't they.

Yevette is well aware of the revilement of the Fluffy Grey Cat and she's a significant part of that.  I suggested the Super Soaker as the answer and Yevette may be ready for this escalation by the Rockhouse PDF against the clear aggression from the Fluffy Grey Cat.

It's obviously a NATO cat and now we're pissed so the Fluffy Grey NATO Cat must get the water.

It takes the water quietly or it gets the water again - Hannibal, our newest recruit

Ed:  Hannibal didn't say that!

No but he did utter the most terrifying words ever heard in a horror movie:

Bring me something wet - Hannibal Lector

Oh, fucking hell, Hannibal; you creepy evil son of a bitch.  I don't know what you want but I think of what you might want and, oh, fucking hell.

Ed:  so you got him a Super Soaker?

Roger that

Ed:  is that what he wanted?

I'm too terrified of him to ask what he really wanted but he digs the Super Soaker.  If the cats give him any shit about it, he eats them.

Ed:  you really are going to burn, you know?

Uh huh

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