Saturday, March 25, 2017

NASA's JUNO Spacecraft Captures Extraordinary Image of Jupiter

It seems the details are so tiny on a planet so large we can't possibly comprehend it.  JUNO gives us the image and it's for the Mystery Lady to follow all the eddies in those patterns and isn't she a beauty.

It would be too hard to trick the bottom quarter into visibility so I would lose that immediately and then get to fiddling with the rest of it ... and maybe I will.


Here's the Hollywood Silas view of it and I didn't do that much; the contrast is bumped up somewhat while saturation is greatly boosted.

Ed:  you make it like a cartoon!

Oh, right.  Marvel does that all the time and you bust me for it.  Sure, that's fair.

Ed:  you don't give us Zoe Saldana

Good point

Note:  she's in "Guardians of the Galaxy" and is the hottest green woman you will ever see.  She knows, like you, that she's surrounded by idiots.

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