Saturday, March 25, 2017

LOLLABY Колыбельная победитель | Aida Nikolaychuk

Here's Aida as she wins the contest and you can see they have put her through the star process but she looks too, too good and sounds like she could fill a concert hall with her voice.

Here's the same song from when she started out and the judges stopped her because they thought she was doing a lip sync to a CD.

How about that for a weeper, huh.  But everyone's a sucker for the kid makes good story.

Sorry but I think that was probably staged as she stayed so cool when they threw in her face they thought she was cheating.  Maybe I'm wrong but I should think she would have been devastated and instead she held her cool like a long-time pro.  Maybe it's in her blood and the video was exactly how it happened.

Ed:  you just like her more because you want to nail her

It really is more than that since what man wouldn't want to nail her and you hear her voice.  I've heard a lotta singers but she sounds better every time.

Ed:  you hate mainstream!

That depends on the material and how it's delivered.  She's got major power and, well, I would like to nail her.

Ed:  she would laugh

And I would smile when even her laugh has the sound and manner of a nightingale.

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