Sunday, March 19, 2017

Some Slacking on Keeping Up with Comments but Not Cats

The slacking isn't you but me but I just caught up a minute ago and was highly surprised to find how many Comments were there.  Thanks for the interest and I seriously need to step up the pace of my responses to them.

There's little excuse for slacking now since the temperature has hit 65F in the middle of the night and that was generally the high each day until relatively recently.  Cold is something God invented to tell people we should have stayed in Africa.  My family did not listen so we're white and I freeze my ass all the time.

However, when the temperature hits right about 83F, that's the ideal.  At that temperature, I would never need heating or cooling.  It won't last since this period passes and Fort Worth goes up to the 107F days.  Those are consistent for days until there's a sky-splitting thunderstorm and then it starts quickly back up again.  (ML:  Texans hide out in the A.C. during that time)

Meanwhile, this is the open windows time in Fort Worth and that means it's time for Toby the Dog to become an exterior creature again but his chow bowl is still inside so not just yet.

Maybe the external melodrama is amusing since Koonie is the Prima Ballerina but there are three other refugees from who knows where and there are multiple feeding protocols.  If Koonie is not out there then I'll hold off on placing the chow until she does show.

If Koonie is there and the Orange and White Killer cat is out there then I'll fill the bowl for Koonie and put another pile elsewhere so they don't tangle.

If the fluffy grey one is out there then I run it off since she thinks she's a resident but we think she ran off Gabriela so no food for you, Awful Fluffy Grey Cat.

Note:  that has no effect whatsoever since she just waits until I go back inside.  You can't fool cats, at least not twice.

"You can catch a cat in any kind of a trap ... the first time" - Robert Heinlein

There's also the Grey and White Rick Perry cat but that idiot doesn't have any idea what it's doing so I usually ignore it.

A previous resident had been feeding the Orange and White Killer cat so that created an ongoing cat obligation but that's ok.  Even though no-one likes Grey and White Rick Perry, the Awful Fluffy Grey is the Queen of Revilement.  Perry is disliked but Awful Fluffy Grey inspires thoughts of BB guns but not in me (larfs).  My inclination is to get a Super Soaker to teach her about snorkeling.

Note:  No, Yevette does not own a BB gun.  There's no intention to really shoot the cat.

Ed:  you really love cats and pretend you don't!

Rubbish.  They're animals and they're hungry.  Feeding them means they may kill less birds.  My general view of cats is they have more irritating attributes (e.g. rubbing against your legs) than animals which are likely to bite me and remove components of my anatomy.  Cats will do that too but they're not big enough to inflict anything much more than cat scratch fever yet.  One of these days they will organize and then they will come for us.

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