Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sears Goes Down and Made in America Label Goes with It

SEARS has been dying for years but it became clear of their depth into deadness today.  They are selling off all their beef.  CRAFTSMAN tools are already gone to Stanley Black & Decker.  They're trying to sell off DIEHARD batteries and KENMORE appliances.

All of that is U.S. Grade "A" Prime Beef and SEARS will now sell it to the highest bidder.

This is the auction of the SEARS Man Stuff.

CRAFTSMAN tools were sought by men because they were strong and they didn't break.  That met all the requirements:  American-made man stuff.

DIEHARD batteries owned the American bad ass image because we don't even die in Death Valley.  There was some commercial of that nature and that settled it.  Men buy DIEHARD batteries ... only at SEARS.

KENMORE appliances were the kit you could buy when you wanted to deal with salesmen who don't wear too much aftershave and who the fuck wears aftershave to sell refrigerators anyway.

If a man should buy a KENMORE fridge and he tells his man beast friends, one will surely say, "Yah, that KENMORE.  They make good fridges."

Some others may grunt a Hell Yeah.

One will complete it with a Fuckin' A, Bubba and the analysis of the purchase will close.

The Malcontent will continue anyway to say, "I tried storing some Uranium-238 in my KENMORE refrigerator.  It caught fire and burned my house down then exploded.  Their refrigerators are crap."

There's one in every crowd.

SEARS made life simple for men.  We go there, buy, and get the fuck out.  That's man shopping.

Those were all salt of the Earth, made in America things, and they will live in some kind of form but the company which brought them to you goes down to dust.  That doesn't seem hardly fair.  Unknown what becomes of the workers.

SEARS is selling their beef.  They're definitely screwed from that move.  After that there's nothing left but imports and every Dagwood in Decatur is playing that act online.  They will end up turning SEARS into a bunch of eBay sellers.

In the deference to the sensibilities of the regulars, there's no need to segue to a lament about how Radio Shack parked their porpoise in a Japanese fishing net.

Radio Shack wasn't so much a Man Store as a Geek Store but we need both since, no matter how weird it was, Radio Shack probably had what you wanted, exclusive of local proclivities regarding women, drugs, and gambling.

There wasn't anything sexist in SEARS since it was welcoming to anyone.  That's just where anyone went to get SEARS type stuff and that goes all the way back to prairie dog days.  It looks like they're on the cusp of immediate croakage and ain't this a bitch.  It really looks like fo' real this time.


Anonymous said...

Sad how the first mail order business with the most read catalogs dies at the hand of electronic mail order.
I still have Craftsman tool from the Old Man

Peas InOurThyme said...

This one is a hell of a damn loss and that Wild West Sears catalog will always be part of Americana but it won't represent anything when the stores are finally all gone. For most businesses, I don't care since they come and go but Sears was always more than that.