Friday, March 10, 2017

Scott Pruitt, Trump's EPA Director, Denies All Scientific Reason

The trouble with Trump's Cabinet is they're all as predictable as biting flies.  No-one is surprised to see Scott Pruit rejecting science and isn't it a bitch when we're accustomed to such people doing it.  (RT:  Carbon dioxide not ‘primary contributor’ to global warming, EPA chief says)

“I think that measuring with precision human activity on the climate is something very challenging to do and there's tremendous disagreement about the degree of impact, so no, I would not agree that it's a primary contributor to the global warming that we see,” Pruitt said.

"But we don't know that yet. ... We need to continue the debate and continue the review and the analysis," he said.

- RT

Not a word of that is true but Republicans have lined up legions of zeroes who believe it and they became the defenders even when they don't really know what they're defending.

Mister Wizard:  are you seriously going defensive with the pros and cons?

Negatory, Mister Wizard.  There's no point in reviewing anything when there's no scientific support for his position from anyone except state-sponsored hacks.

Mister Wizard:  you have no right to call them hacks simply for disagreeing with you!

I call them hacks because they're lying and you know it as well as I.

When we need solid action and instead get simplistic retrograde iniquity, it's an outrage to us and to the Earth.  Trump has assembled a cadre of myopic yokels who are willing to spend half a trillion a year on the military while telling us clean air and clean water cost too much.

Ed:  and the zeroes believe it!

Staggering, isn't it.

I'm not a flag waver and never was but America sure as hell deserves better than that lot.  Pay them enough and they will say whatever you want.  Scott Pruitt provides an immediate example of that.

Something people are consistently missing is that Washington had an interest in keeping you safe in WWII but that interest hasn't existed ever since.  In preparation for a nuke war, Washington has built underground bunkers where they can shelter all the 'best people' and maybe a couple of thousand of them would survive.  Conversely, you fucking won't and they know it.

McAfee charges the CIA with failing in its mandate to protect Americans but where did you get the idea such a mandate exists.  The CIA has never done anything whatsoever except to push a right-wing agenda.  Review their history and verify for yourself that's true.  (RT:  McAfee on #Vault7: The CIA has failed its mandate to protect the American people)

Think it through on this nuke war.  Do you seriously think you or your family would live through it and, more importantly, why would you want to live through it if Washington really is evil enough to do it.

The general nuclear premise from Washington and the Pentagon is they will live but you won't so why in nuclear hell do you support that?

The nuke will be started by Washington too as the CIA has been blaming Russians for everything except Taylor Swift's insipidity but those vicious bastards have even been busted for that now.  (RT:  Malware expert says ‘fingerprint’ switch shows past attacks blamed on Russia, China are work of CIA)

The reaction to that from the CIA was kind of comical.   (RT:  ‘Not exactly a bastion of truth’: CIA hits back at Assange after WikiLeaks #Vault7 release)

That bit of absurdity amused me since there's no example of Julian Assange or WikiLeaks lying about anything whereas there's no evidence the CIA has ever told the truth, particularly to Congress and, consequently, you.

The CIA is not on your side any more than Scott Pruitt and the question remains:  why do you put up with it?

Trump is just another tinhorn bureaucrat but the CIA is the most dangerous and evil force in the world and has been since its inception.

Mike Pence couldn't resist looking like a pompous poltroon.  (RT:  #Vault7: US will use ‘full force of law’ if WikiLeaks dump contains factual info, Pence warns)

I bet he just scares the bejeebers out of everyone, doesn't he (larfs).  The CIA and the White House leak profusely so who is that jagoff going to bust, huh?

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