Friday, March 10, 2017

When You're Taking Fox News Seriously

These are the 'right column' people for Fox News and, as you see, you couldn't get much more banal without posting pics of your dinner meal to Facebook.

Kardashian is the only name I recognize there but I'm sure the others are doing (cough) equally important work.

Ed:  are you faulting these women?

Nah.  It's easy money and I'd do it too if I had the big boobs.

The part amusing me is the Fox News front shows their major right column people with Bill O'Reilly, etc but that front changes altogether with the secondary articles and with those we can get to the real bimbos.

See Emily walking in her lingerie?

Ed:  who is Emily?

Who cares.  Click the bait (larfs).

I had noticed the right column people in the Daily Mail or one of those supremely awful Brit tabloids and the amusement was seeing Fox News switching from its flag waver front in one page to the same thing.

Ed:  the more righteous they get, the funnier it looks?

Oh, you bet, mate.

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