Monday, March 13, 2017

Further Proof Nothing Darren Wilson Said About Michael Brown Was True #BlackLivesMatter

The thug cop who murdered Michael Brown said he robbed this store.  The video shows what really happened there.

A new tape showing Michael Brown hours before his death in a store, apparently exchanging pot for cigarillos, challenges police accounts of the incident. The black teen’s killing for suspected robbery triggered mass protests against police violence worldwide.

The documentary ‘Stranger Fruit’ by filmmaker Jason Pollock premiered Saturday in Austin, Texas. A short clip of the documentary was first uploaded by the New York Times.

Russia Today:  No robbery? New tape casts doubt on Ferguson cops’ allegations in Brown killing

This was when white people started paying bounties to white cops for killing black people and Darren Wilson copped possibly as much a million dollars for this shooting.  (NY Daily News:  Donors give nearly $500,000 so far to support Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson’s legal fight, says anonymous organizer of effort)

With one look you can see he doesn't have the IQ of an apple and yet the state put a gun in his hand.

That Wilson is another mindless cop isn't surprising when the standards are so low but the ubiquitous duplicity from cops has become their trademark and no-one believes a cop unless he has video to prove it and, as we have seen, usually it does not.

Wilson has apparently gone underground and well he might since he's a dead man if he ever reveals himself.  Hopefully, the million dollars was worth it but he probably spent it already.

So what if he has a gun for protection since the way to whack someone with a gun is wait until he sleeps.  Eventually, he's going down and no-one will shed a tear except his mother who has no idea what a monster she produced.

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