Friday, March 10, 2017

L.A. Intellectuals Show Us About Music and Why Clinton Lost

The hero of rock who wrote the article hates The Byrds.  How is it even fucking possible to hate The Byrds.

Where the jangle-happy Byrds were merely affected and annoying

- LA Weekly:  The 10 Biggest Classic Rock Douchebags

Ed:  was ist 'jangle-happy?'

Unknown but, man, it must really suck.

While rock ‘n’ roll is necessarily classified as a form of pop music, it is actually an idiom whose radical, destructive primitivism established a new type of socio-cultural disorder.  It’s about rejection of the status quo and celebration of the dis-imprisonment it instills.

- LA Weekly

Ed:  he's the new D.H. Lawrence.  His English teacher told him in high school, man.

At least the content is vacuous rubbish, mate.  He seems to think rock music caused the upsets in the Sixties and we do learn one thing from that.

Ed:  what do we learn?

He never went anywhere near the Sixties.

Johnny Whiteside, the non-musical author of the piece, has a major case against classic rock and I think that's something the juniors describe as coming from 'back in the day' which refers to a day most of them actually never saw.

The object is to try to grok the psychodrama in li'l Johnny since he sure hates classic rock and he goes to some length to slash some of the biggest whom you probably love the most ... or not.

Jerry Garcia:

Garcia’s gutless, drug-addled brand of candyass jamming wreaked havoc on rock ‘n’ roll, derailing what had been a form of rebel confrontation and paving the way for spineless hippie quasi-folk.


Bob Dylan

A serial plagiarist (Google that — the citations are endless) and “moon/June”-level lyricist, Dylan’s masterly employ of the mediocre — that ingredient so essential to American pop culture enshrinement — has kept millions of unthinking listeners in a somnambulistic state.

- LA Weekly

Ed:  Grateful Dead never derailed anything!

Of course not but you're a participant and historians are not and they can write whatever they like.

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