Saturday, March 25, 2017

"I Want to Achieve Immortality Through Not Dying" - Woody Allen

Woody Allen was asked if he wanted to achieve immortality through his work but he replied, "I want to achieve immortality through not dying."

It surprises me when there isn't a land office business coming to an article such as "What If Cells Get Better at Fixing Themselves - Science" since it's hard science coming straight at keeping us healthy for much longer with consequently longer lives.  The article gets some good interest but doesn't launch to the Moon and that surprises me because, well, health.

Perhaps people are inured to such things by constant blasting of false weight-loss products or false chemical solutions of many kinds which in sum mean people stop believing any statement has value. Yah, and they're also blasted by all those bullshit commercials for pharmaceuticals on television.  I'm sure the Colombian cartels are so admiring when those in America can run ads on television.

There's another possibility that people don't care about health until they lose it and most of us did that too or at least not enough caring to prevent things we knew would come.

If the above-mentioned science pans out as it realistically could then they may be onto that prevention; some measure of those health problems won't be coming since researchers have an excellent line on reducing incidences of cancer.

Note:  this is not a self-absorbed lament about smoking and, woe is me, now I'm screwed.  Smoking is stupid and I did that.  End of interest.  The lament is generic since all of us should have eaten more broccoli and I know that without even knowing you.  Almost all of us suck at that and America is one of the worst for it although the Australian diet may be worse yet since they just don't believe in salads at all except for feeding rabbits.  The Mediterranean diet is one you want and the Australian diet is one you definitely don't.

In writing things which approach a uni level, I know that will be perceived by a few as 'talking down' to people but it isn't talking up or down, it just is.  These are the things I know and that's where I learned at least the foundation for almost all of them.

The grammar in Ithaka may look like it adheres to grammatical standards but it violates the rules constantly because the only bad grammar is that which you leave out because then it can't help people hear you.  Good grammar is anything which helps people hear your words rather than leading them to a simple monolithic blob of them in a single paragraph; no-one will read it ... it's too hard.

Note:  that was not the correct use of ellipsis but if you heard a pause then it worked.

In part this is an admonition to myself since the rule is people will read articles so long as I write them well enough.

Watson:  the only bad grammar is use of an exclamation point!

Stand down, non-detective, since you ignore the computer age in which emojis have unleashed more bad grammar than would have come from burning every English reference text in North America.


Note:  how about a Brutus emoji which stomps that smiley into atoms?

The grammar aspect is actually germane since it appears any measure of immortality the Silas may enjoy will come through Ithaka when it will spin long after I will and that puts a novel perspective on a whole lot of things.

Watson:  congratulations on making this about yourself ... fucking again!

You have so little patience tonight, Watson.  Consider reducing your television time.

Whether I achieve immortality through anything whatsoever makes no difference to me since I don't anticipate Deader Silas looking down and smiling when I see, "Awww, they're reading Ithaka."

Here's where we loop Cadillac Man into it since he said Lotho probably doesn't think I will go to Hell if I'm not a Christian.  I told him I thought he has to believe that or why bother with the reading.  He said, no, no, you can still go to Heaven if you're not a Christian.  I said, man, I don't get it.  Why do I need to be a Christian then?

Note:  that was not a trump play and we meandered off to something else after that.

There's zero combat in this and the conversation is a pleasure.  I don't see anything negative even if Lotho thinks I need to go to Hell and I'm not saying he does but even if he did then it wouldn't matter when I don't believe it anyway.

Lotho:  you're goin' burn

Yah but I'll have a great audience.  Ha!

In final glorious culmination, I'm with Woody Allen on achieving immortality by not dying and there we segue, oh so cleverly, back to the original question about the article which could offer information on going some distance toward that.  Ithaka:  "What If Cells Get Better at Fixing Themselves - Science"

It warn't about me, Watson.  Suck it.  Ha!

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