Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How About a Houseboat for Rescuing the Mystery Lady

If you don't have a half a million to spend, you will want to push on past this one but it's definitely pretty and it's got a fiberglass hull so it tolerates salt water.  This isn't a seagoing vessel but maybe it can manage the coastline and it can certainly manage the waters of river deltas where they meet the sea.

The Crossover is part houseboat, part yacht, and the best of both. It is a boat that is designed for cruising in rivers, lakes, and protected saltwater. Fiberglass unibody construction means it is low maintenance and long lasting. The Crossover is a luxury yacht, inside and out. 

The Crossover has two, three, or four staterooms and a spacious, comfortable layout. High ceilings and big windows throughout. The flybridge top deck is huge, with body contoured sun pads, an outdoor kitchen, and lots of seating.

The trimaran hull shape is fuel efficient, and the boat is pushed by a single diesel or single electric engine. Bow and stern thrusters (standard) make docking easy. Heat, A/C, generator, inverter, full size fridge, dishwasher, washer/dryer... all the comforts of home including a hidden bath tub!

Whether you're looking for a houseboat on lake powell or lake mead or lake cumberland, a yacht in the California Delta, a floating home, micro home in seattle, or tiny house on the water, the Crossover is worth a look!

See the full glossy layout regarding these Crossover Yachts and you will find an impressive pitch for the craft culminating in the beauty part:  price tag is $499,000.

Ed:  but that's list

Got it (larfs)

The reason for the interest in houseboats is partly for the houseboat goodness but it's also part of Mister Toad's latest demented plan.  The question about whether houseboats can handle the Mississippi River is because that means the houseboat could work it's way up to the Ohio River and then over to Cincinnati.

There we will rescue the Mystery Lady and float off into the night, never to see a snowflake again except at a respectful distance (i.e. a thousand kilometers minimum is good).

Ithaka:  Working Out a Plan with Mystery Lady and Yevette for a Rescue

The reasons for the rescue ain't yo bizness but they exist and this would be such incredible wonderfulness to pull off the rescue.  Last time it was Mister Toad's Wild Ride across Europe but this time it's Mister Toad's Wild Float (?) to Cincinnati.  Works for me.

Now I only need to find a houseboat.

Ed:  and half a million dollars!

Details, details, Moriarty.  You're always bothering me with details.  Enough with the negative waves, Moriarty.


Anonymous said...

I've always been partial to these. And for the Caddy Man, what cooler way to travel Route 66!!


Peas InOurThyme said...

I'm not sure which plan he currently favors but an Airstream would be so cool.