Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Working Out a Plan with Mystery Lady and Yevette for a Rescue

The telephone was maybe turned over to Yevette a bit too soon as I may not get back into the conversation but I walked past a moment ago and they're deep in the thick of trying to concoct a plan.

There's no need for the detail but the objective is to get up to Cincinnati to rescue the Mystery Lady since cadging a ticket for a flight for her can't do it.  The generic reason is stress kills old geezers faster than anything else so we need to find a way.  There's no more stress in the Rockhouse than life brings anyway.

Maybe that sounds like the call is nothing but tears and foreboding but there was laughing within a few minutes of connecting.  They say you have to be tough to be old and, hell yeah, we are.

There's another article on the topic of rescuing Mystery Lady and that shows the houseboat which would be outrageously cool to use to do it.

Watson:  you're thinking Hunter Thompson and you will paint it pink and then put gigantic Voice of the Theater speakers on the top of it to float into town blasting "Pink Floyd."

Well, the Floyd might be a tad loud ... so I've got to do it.

WIKI: Altec Lansing

There will be a call to Tinkerbell as soon as I can manage after this one but it was important to make this connection because it's an instant relief every time it happens.  I know already Tinkerbell is ok and that call is for goodness and also for her cancer expertise.  There's nothing an oncologist can throw at you which she has not endured after radical mastectomy plus the chemo and radiation trying to prevent it.  The point is she lives and it's now maybe fifteen years later and possibly longer.

We did confer about Yevette's situation and Mystery Lady does not believe she's going out of the game either but we're all aware the next few months will suck.  I do think the vibe is good going into it.

Unknown how long I have been writing this article but I just walked past them again to let Toby the Dog out and, nope, I'm never getting near that telephone again.  They are deep, deep into it.  Maybe they can concoct a plan and that's exciting.

Mystery Lady reminded me of the "Night Gallery" television program and that may fire up memories for some of the regulars.

"Phantom of What Opera?"

Find loads more of the paintings from "Night Gallery at Dangerous Visions:  A GALLERY OF THE PAINTINGS FROM ROD SERLING’S ‘NIGHT GALLERY’

Thank you, ML!


Anonymous said...

Southwest flies CVG to Dallas/Love for $250 round trip

Peas InOurThyme said...

Thanks for the cool tip but there are some complications as we have been pitching planes, trains, and buses but there are some other details which confound the problem. There may be a way to get past those and I so much hope so.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tip-ML

Update: home phone service restored and answering machine taking calls

Peas InOurThyme said...