Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How About a Full-Size Houseboat for Twenty-Five Grand

The motor and generator are broken and keep that in mind but don't be too much a'feared since we will need to upgrade any of these types of boats substantially.

Single 115 HP Outboard Engine (Does Not Run), Generator (Does Not Run), Battery Charger, Remote Spotlight, VHF Marine Radio, CO Detector, Smoke Detector, AM/FM Stereo, CD Player, 1 Roof Air w/Heat Strips, Window Air Unit, Portable Air Unit in Salon, Queen Sleeper Sofa, Top/Bottom Refrigerator, Gas Range, Microwave, Queen Master Bedroom, Full Bathroom w/Type 1 Purasan Waste Treatment System, Head New in July 2016, GelCoat in 2010; Needs New GelCoat, Rear Steps, Rail Canvas, Front Deck Enclosure, 6 Gallon Hot Water Heater, Dehumidifier, Single 50 Amp Shore Power. 

Updates in 2012: 
Exterior Walls, Paneling, Front Door, Flooring, Mattresses & Bedding, Queen Sleeper Sofa, Dining Room Set.

Surveyed for $35,000 in April 2016.

Stays With Boat:
Front & Back Deck Furniture, All Interior Furniture, Pillows, TV, All Interior Decorations, Grill, Buoys, Tie-Up Ropes, Sweeper, Bedspreads, Life Jackets, Fire Extinguisher, Interior Trash Cans. 

Another offering from Houseboats Buy Terry

It's revealing that these houseboats have been exclusively party boats without a serious attention to the green side of things.

In the example, we see a haphazard approach to air conditioning but it will take a bigger generator and a better inverter to handle that.  There's no evidence of solar so that needs to change.  Multiple changes of that nature are necessary.

Pulling a number out of the air, let's go with doubling the selling price to account for bringing it up to a greener standard and it will still be less expensive than many cars.

I've already got you covered on what it costs to park the thing and kiss apartment charges good-bye since mooring in an uncovered slip at Conley Bottom Marina are astonishingly low relative to monthly charges on an apartment lease.

Uncovered Slips

Monthly $275.00
6 Months $800.00
Yearly $1025.00
Yearly with electricity and water $1075.00
PWC Slip $350.00
PWC with Houseboat $150.00

Real estate / property tax?  Good-bye.

You also need to establish residence in a no-income tax state (e.g. TX, TN, etc).  Therefore, the houseboat has to move or eventually maybe you're busted for taxes at the state level.

Verify at Conley Bottom Marina

Living the Houseboat Life, on the Mississippi River shows it is possible to live on a houseboat full-time.

Here are a few Myths we can de-bunk for you!

. We DO pay property taxes (we own the land)
. When renting, owner of property pays taxes
. We are cozy warm in the winter time
. We don't get sea sick! haha

They own the land so of course they pay property tax but the alternative is a thousand a year for a slip.  Flip a coin.

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