Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hitler's Art and, Oh, the Sensual Joy

Russia Today: Hitler’s ‘piece of crap’ painting goes on display in Italy

A second-rate oil painting by Adolf Hitler went on show for the first time as part of a “political madness” exhibition at a museum on the shores of Lake Garda in Italy.

The fascist dictator’s work of art is being displayed at the Museum of Salo as part of an exhibition entitled “Museum of Madness.” The painting, which depicts two men, one sitting and one standing, with a background extending into the distance, has been described as “a piece of crap; a painting by a desperate man” by museum curator, art critic, and TV personality, Vittorio Sgarbi, reports the Local.

- RT

Paintings often come from desperate men and this one really isn't that awful.  It gives a heavy sense of foreboding but "The Scream" is hardly a French kiss from the stars.  The overall design to some extent foretells the future insofar as these appear to be the gatekeepers to someplace you really don't want to go.

We have the seated fellow who may be some kind of official and the standing fellow is in some kind of robe, possibly indicating religious affiliation.  We don't know what's down that hallway but it's nothing good.

It's not complete trash insofar as it does invite questions but it doesn't offer much beyond that.  Maybe you could use it in a toilet to encourage you to get done with your business more quickly.


Anonymous said...


Cool paintings!

Peas InOurThyme said...

The link is fantastic and the paintings are demented. Perfect! Thank you!