Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Come to Ithaka ... and Commit Suicide

It amused me yesterday when someone said the links I throw at Facebook make a man want to slash his wrists.  I guess he must not have seen the one with the panda bears with milk bottles, huh?

Note:  I have since seen an update from my friend who advised my submissions don't depress him but rather he thinks he may die from laughing.  That's the finest kind of way maybe so all is good.

No-one likes bait and switch so here's the actual topic since I started it.

There's no thought of suicide down here and Richard Pryor had it best:  "Black people never commit suicide because we're too hip to suffering."

Watson:  is that accurate?  Do black people really commit suicide less?

Well, let's find out.

It seems it is true.  Hmm...  (American Federation of Suicide Prevention:  Suicide Statistics)

It's quite likely the incidence of suicide in those who use social networks heavily is higher than those who do not.  I'd have to google Ithaka to find the article but I wrote one recently in which research documented the psychological damage from heavy use of social networks.  I don't see much to be gained by pursuing that further other than neener, neener, you're screwed.  No value.

We see what appears to be about a 20% - 30% increase in the incidence of suicide by white people since 2000 yet other racial groups have stayed relatively flat except for American Indians but that's hardly surprising after seeing what was done to them at Standing Rock and which has been happening for centuries.

The interested student may wish to pursue this matter of white suicide but the Rockhouse thinks it's probably about money.  Moreover, I strongly suspect those croaking themselves over money are wealthy ones and not the ones here at the po' house.  We don't want anything because we know we won't get it but richies can't handle that and they fall apart.  I don't want to pursue it because the problems of the rich couldn't possibly be less interesting to me.

Watson:  you know people are afraid of this subject

People are afraid of just about everything, mate.

Watson:  fear is the mindkiller!

Maybe they didn't read "Dune?"

Since they may be all bummed by the subject, how about some women with some pigeons.

Moscow, Russia

Two women disrupt some pigeons

Photograph: Spencer Platt/Getty Images 

The image didn't come from RT but rather from The Guardian.

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