Tuesday, March 14, 2017

MacOS: It Doesn't Look Too Good for Desktop Tidy from Light Pillar Software Inc

Desktop Tidy is a generally nifty piece of software for managing your Desktop and keeping clutter off it ... at least when it doesn't hang if you try to delete something from the 'shadow' desktop (about 50% of time).  It's available on the App Store for eight or nine dollars.

I posted a comment about the software at the App Store to say the software is generally good but the hang on deleting files needs to be repaired.  That comment appears to have been deleted and the problem appears to be related to OS X Sierra.  I looked again just now because I tried a second comment and that one isn't there either.

Note:  I don't recall of the poofy terminology Apple has been using for operating systems lately.  It's a Mac; it's running Sierra; Desktop Tidy hangs on that platform.  The only way I can break the hang is via Activity Monitor to kill the process.  At least I don't need to restart but it still pisses me off that they don't fix it.

Light Pillar Software distributes the software but good luck finding mention of it on their Web site:  Light Pillar Software Inc

Light Pillar is pushing some other software but you may wish to consider going forward given the support for Desktop Tidy.  Just now it looks like they threw it out and just left it.

Desktop Tidy 2.1 is floating around on various download sites but the version on the App Store is somewhat lower than that and it's unknown if 2.1 supports Sierra.  I'm not going to buy the product again just to find out since I'll only go through this again for another upgrade.

Software support rating for Light Pillar Sofware:  Poor.

It's a bitch as the software is simple and has the potential to be spectacularly cool but they muffed it and now it's just floating upside-down.

Watson:  write it yourself!  It's not using any complex procedures to do the stunt and the cleverness was thinking of it in the first place.

Nope.  My interest in writing code is right up there with sticking scissors in my eyes.  I will update if the software is ever repaired but the prognosis does not look too good.

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