Thursday, March 23, 2017

Good Luck to the Rusty-Patched Bumble Bee

The Rusty-Patched Bumble Bee is mixed for goodness and some major suckage but Ithaka hasn't exactly been radiating sunbeams so far this morning so it won't blow the theme and I'm sure you can hack it.  (RT:  1st bee species officially placed on endangered species list)

The endangerment of bees may not seem like news when we have heard so many stories of honeybees disappearing but the circumstances aren't the same.

Honeybees usually live in large colonies / hives with tens of thousands of bees and an inordinate number of those colonies have been collapsing with the consequent loss of the honeybees.  That's resulted in a substantial problem with the pollination of crops and we know there is drama to the problem but we do not know specific numbers so we won't want to be turning that into melodrama with some cheesy hype.  It happens and we know it happens.

Bumble bees don't live in such colonies and mainly they live in much smaller versions but they're underground; their environments are not at all the same as honeybees.

Nevertheless, bumble bees play a substantial part in pollination of crops since it seems they're better at it than honeybees because they can go deeper for the nectar so presumably they hang about longer kicking pollen all over the place.  (WIKI:  Bumblebee)

The bumble bees don't seem to suffer from the same problem as honeybees but they are still ninety percent gone.

The rusty patched bumble bee has been given the dubious honor of being the first bee to make the endangered species list.  The bee, which was once a prominent feature of the Midwest, has lost 90 percent of its population, giving many cause for concern.

- RT

That's the suckage part but there is some redemption since the rusty-patched bumble bee is now listed as endangered.  Trump tried to block it because ... of course he did; that's what you get when you elect a President who's a mix of McDonald's and a TV game show.

Despite the dramatic decline in population, friction between the outgoing and incoming governments resulted in a month-long delay to add the bee to the endangered species list.  The Trump administration’s need for their own review resulted in a lawsuit from the Natural Resources Defense Council that challenged the delay, according to the Washington Post.

- RT

There's your answer as to whether this administration could be chickenshit enough to politicize a fucking bug.

'Need for their own review?'

The only degreed people on Trump's Cabinet plagiarized their work.  What fucking science would those yokels ever bring which can't be solved with a four-function calculator.

You remember the Business majors back in uni, right?  Some of them were bright and not like so many of their ilk who were worthless fatbodies unsuitable for human companionship.  Uh, those fatbodies went to Congress.

The Engineers were cooler.  They thought they were smarter than everyone else too ... but many times they were.  Them are some smart mofos and they did much cooler things than those Business major clods.

Politicizing a bug.  Holy shit.

Mama, someday I want to grow up and politicize bugs.

Mama:  live your dream, son.  Live your dream.

Ed:  this article looks entirely like suckage!

Negatory as the rusty-patched bumble bee is listed as endangered now.  That won't save it but awareness is better than nothing since simply writing it off is not acceptable.

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