Friday, March 24, 2017

GoFundme Campaign to Buy Rachel Maddow a State Uniform

Rachel Maddow makes such a precious but ultimately unsuccessful effort to paint herself as some kind of dissident but she's packing fifteen million dollars or better from it so she's obviously sucking up state dollars like a camel which just walked across the Sahara Desert.

For good propaganda, we know the Josef Goebbels technique of scripting all the material in favor of the state as we typically see from Fox News and to a confused extent with CNN.  That led to the obvious liability in the American system of propaganda which interpreted it as a binary situation.  When Fox News is propaganda, anything else is not.

That's the problem Rachel Maddow turned into an advantage since her material is as much scripted as that of Fox News and that makes the perfect overall propaganda solution in scripting that which is ostensibly the state and that which is ostensibly the opposition such that any real dissidence is swamped in a tidal wave of Crisco cooking grease.

Both positions push state-positive situations (e.g. ritual endorsement of the FBI and bugging Martin Luther King's bedroom, etc) and have nothing to do with opposition.

Ed:  Maddow isn't with CNN anymore.  Maybe she didn't think journalism was being served when CNN was going on about Lindsay Lohan's absent panties?

It doesn't matter where Maddow went any more than it matters where Megyn Kelly went.  They turned themselves into newsialites (i.e. news version of socialites) so now they don't have to do anything anymore and get paid just to show up ... it's the Hollywood dream come true.

The only thing important about Rachel Maddow is to ensure she wears role-appropriate clothing.

Ed:  appropriate to being a Lesbian?

We don't care who she bones; this is about how she acts.

There is apparel on eBay which would brighten the life of any state climber.  In the old days there were social climbers but that only wound up with hanging about with people like George Clooney or Kim Kardashian.  The Clintons showed the new way is state climbing since you end up with more money and George Clooney will kiss your fat ass on stage.  Kim Kardashian won't because she already has one.

Here's the standard issue, heavy-weather overcoat and, wtf, get one for Kelly as well.  At $600 on eBay, it's a steal.

Help us help Rachel Maddow.  When you represent the state, you ought to look like it and she must be mortified to have to present while still looking, at best, like late-college prep.  Help us help her.

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