Friday, March 24, 2017

Israeli Synagogue Bomber Fails Altogether in Creating Fake News

Many Jewish people can seem intimidating because they're wizard smart.  This article, however, is not about them.

This is about the worthless human baggage who has been calling in bomb threats to synagogues in America and around the world.  He was living the Jewish version of the Charlie Manson dream ... Helter Skelter.

Ed:  a Jewish person was doing that?

Oh, you thought it was Muslims?  They have easily held off the full weight of the U.S. military for well over sixteen years with almost no defenses.  Muslims may be many things but they are not stupid.

This un-named bucket of bolts, has the mind of a brain-challenged lizard, however.

A 19-year-old US-Israeli citizen has been arrested in southern Israel on suspicion of carrying out a wave of telephone bomb threats targeting Jewish centers and communities around the world.

 The months-long, multi-agency investigation led Israel Police’s International Crime Investigations Unit to the city of Ashkelon, where the suspect and his father were arrested, and a search of their home was conducted on Thursday, local mediareports. 

- RT:  19yo US-Israeli citizen arrested for wave of bomb threats against Jewish centers

Since we don't know his name, we will use the best guess of Charlie Manson because his plan was at least as malicious and stupid as the original but the former was more successful insofar as the first Manson's actions resulted in many more violent and painful deaths.

Charlie should have got some tips from Muslims or Fox News on fomenting revolutions online since they're relatively accomplished at it and Charlie couldn't have been more stupid about it if he put neon signs above the house which said, "GREAT TEL AVIV EATS HERE PLUS BOMB THREATS."

Yep, great food plus the most silly ass Charlie Manson plan since the shoe bomber.

Ed:  great food in Israel?  Are you fucking serious?  You're stoned, right?

Well, I have not precisely been to Israel and I never thought of bagels as anything but stale, chewy, and disgusting donuts so perhaps I have exaggerated that point unwittingly.

No, I am not stoned but I will correct that momentarily.

Note:  I don't need ganja to come up with crazy shit.  It just adds better audio.

Ed:  so long as someone else plays it?

Now that was cruel, homeboy.

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