Tuesday, March 21, 2017

For Stupid and Expensive, Always Count on DARPA ... Now with Gremlins

The general concept is of a flying aircraft carrier which is a large turboprop aircraft which delivers many jet-powered drones to some target presumably to perform some intelligent ruination.  (RT: DARPA ‘Gremlins’ drones step closer to completion (VIDEO))

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Going to a nuke war with a turboprop.  Man, genius like this needs to be in Olympus and heralded on a galactic scale.

Check out the aircraft to the lower left which looks like it makes a B-17 bomber run over Germany in 1943.  The more the Pentagon evolves, the more it changes in no way whatsoever.

Watson:  where's the logic in a low-speed delivery system for a high-speed aircraft?

Unknown.  It must cost more.

The “Gremlins” drone program created by the US government will enter into its second stage of development, almost a year after the project to boost military capabilities and bring chaos to adversaries began.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) concept envisions volleys of unmanned, reusable drones being launched from “aircraft carriers in the sky” toward enemy targets.

- RT

It just so happens that Pink, our resident submariner, is here and we asked him what do submariners call aircraft carriers.

Pink:  sitting ducks

Thank you, Pink, and don't let your babies grow up to be bass players, particularly if they will play that bass on an aircraft carrier.

Here at the Rockhouse, we haven't noticed a stealth aircraft carrier as yet and it would be impossible anyway when they travel with at least half a dozen support vessels.  You could no more keep that quiet than that shit music your kids play.  If you play Taylor Swift one more fucking time, I'm selling your blondie ass to Moroccan slave traders.  Got it?

All you old fuckers who will lose your Meals on Wheels need to suck it up since see where the money is really needed.


Anonymous said...

The lower speeds are due to the turbulence. Also if they are fuselage attached then achieving supersonic speeds in the atmosphere would be nearly impossible.
If the massive ships are sitting ducks why were all the huge battleships and aircraft carriers of WWE II sunk by aircraft. ie Bismarck or Yamamoto. The German Wolfpacks decimated shipping lanes but not the big boys.
They ran the Yamamoto aground and it still continued to fire it's 16 or 18" guns
The aircraft carrier does not need to be stealth if it's planes are.
But I dont really care as if they decided to do more than spar it will not take long for them to annihilate Tennessee to eliminate Oak Ridge.

Peas InOurThyme said...

They couldn't find them in WWII and all good warriors know the Battle of Midway. Those Japanese aircraft carriers were wasted ... just as soon as the American commanders knew where they were. I'll stick by 'sitting ducks' since they would have been sent to Neptune in Pearl Harbor except for the surprise which was brilliantly executed.

Instead of being so clever, why not add external tanks to the drones and forget about the pork barrel.

DFW is toast since there's Air Force all over Fort Worth along with Lockheed Martin. Fifteen minutes and there won't be anything left but sparks.

Anonymous said...

My point was that not that they could be sitting ducks but not by submarines.
The support group keeps them pretty safe from the surface or below

Peas InOurThyme said...

I suspect those aircraft carriers are fried from many directions at once. Four out of five down at Midway and the Japanese offensive threat collapsed in a matter of hours.

Anonymous said...

Your comment from Pink suggested that submarines lurk in the deep and pop up sink a carrier and disappear.

Peas InOurThyme said...

It sounded to me from him it's much better to be in a submarine since they're not sitting ducks like the carriers. I didn't have the feeling from him the subs would be doing the whacking of the carriers although they might.

I'm not sure how many years for him in nuke subs but definitely at least four.

Anonymous said...

The subs will survive a nuclear attack until the run out of supplies. Then they will mutate like the rest of us.

Peas InOurThyme said...

I saw that movie as Gregory Peck drove his sub to Australia for "On the Beach" but he never got to nail Ava Gardner.