Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Finding a Vibe Which is More than Rat Bait

Weaving through to something which isn't rat bait is a bit of a trick when the online world is riddled with it.  We get the regular rat bait from Washington and strawberry-flavored rat bait from Jake Tapper so eventually I'll nibble some of that shit just because I'm stupid too.

Then, what do you know, I start spewing rat bait as well.

The featured article in the sidebar is kind of a snit since you didn't really dig that one so much but it's a huge thing to me.

Watson:  so you post it in the sidebar and think, 'neener, neener?'

That about covers it.  (Ithaka:  Finding the Links to the Peoples Who Made Us What We Are)

The topic features movement of people around the world and there's no need to rewrite that in this one when the link is right there but there's a detail from within it which has some interest.  The warriors are almost always the hunter / gatherers.  Europe had hunter / gatherer tribes roaming all over.

Agrarian societies are hardly ever warlike and these are the ones who brought farming to Europe when they came up from Greece and Turkey.  It was several centuries after they got there before there was any genetic merger with the tribes which were already there.

Note:  must refresh on the years when that happened

It makes sense for humans to be hunter / gatherers when we don't know how to do anything else and we're defending ourselves against saber-tooth tigers and whatnot.  As the global society evolved, agrarian societies started to appear with domestication of animals along with farming.

Straightaway the geneticist sniffs an engagement and it's correct since there are genetic markers which differentiate the farmers from the hunter / gatherers.  The Rockhouse is interested but we want to know the whole package about the genetic differences between these tribes, social units, or whatever you like to call them.

There's much Rockhouse fascination with a genetic basis for behavior but the interest isn't as myopic as it seems.  Some look at climate change and say, well, the Earth does that sometimes and they're finished with the subject.  The Rockhouse wants to know what other influences are involved, how weighty they are, etc.

When I see a tendency toward violence in this cohort and not in that one, that's going to raise some curiosity but there's no expectation that will be solved by any single answer.

This isn't a revisit of the Aggressor Gene or whatever that trendy little number was called some years ago.  Presence of that gene seemed to associate with violent tendencies ... unless it didn't (e.g. China shows the gene quite a bit but hasn't shown any particular imperialism in the modern time).

We can see there are fundamental differences in behavior between the hunter gathers and the farmers and we don't need science for it.  Starting a fight in the city is always easier than out in the country with the farmers.

It made me proud when a black man called me brother the other day before I said it to him and, in the human sense, we are.  In many other senses, we're not since the genetic differences between us are much greater than the genes for skin color.  My genes aren't even the same as my blood brothers and the reading over the last few years has been showing just how different the genome looks from one person to the next, even in the same family and it's much more than whether some have blue or brown eyes.

I'm sure all the regulars are clear that all humans have equal rights but it doesn't mean we're all equal.  Americans seem to choke the most on that with the thinking, well, anyone who has equal rights must do equal things and that's logically impossible.  The only thing we know for sure about humans is we're not all the same, regardless of how some want to lump us into categories.

Some believe a prosaic acceptance of reality is the best way to approach life and others (i.e. me) wonder how it goes with Mister Magoo bouncing on a trampoline.

Note:  the crazy came long before ganja.  The ganja added color and better sound.

You know it's true, right.  If anyone in the crowd is likely to stay cool, it will probably be the farmer.  That's a stereotype from Western movies but you still know it's true.

We want the genetics.

Doesn't it make you curious as to why farmers always seem able to stay cool while others do not.

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