Monday, March 20, 2017

That Was Cool with Seminole Sam and the Medicine Show

Although I write political material for Ithaka, I loathe ninety-nine percent of the second-rate graft monkeys who call themselves politicians and that separates me from most of you in almost no way whatsoever.  The reaction on seeing almost anyone in Washington is how the fuck did that crooked bastard ever get into office.  We don't question whether any of them are crooked bastards, only how he or she managed to contrive an election which looked like it was legal.

I was diggin' it on seeing the reaction to Pogo with Seminole Sam and the Medicine Show.  I have not much idea how people will react to things I post and was tickled to see people grokked that one just fine, real perfect-like.  (Ithaka:  Pogo with Seminole Sam and his Medicine Show - Walt Kelly)

Just taking a wild guess, I'd say you're fed-up like hell with political medicine shows.

Seminole Sam:  it isn't just swamp water.  Trust me!

If you're not clear on political medicine shows, what do you think keeps the Pentagon alive?  If you don't have Socialism for that one then start over.

If it's not Socialism which supports your military, just what magical force is doing it, snookums ... I have not heard of the Pentagon holding any bake sales.

Figure it since the Pentagon is determined to fight Socialism but uses a Socialist organization to do it.  Obviously so, right, as just add it up and what do you get?

Ed:  another day older and deeper in debt!

Yah, yah, I heard that song too.

We don't want the dregs but we do want inspirations and Lotho's tip about "Hidden Figures" was outstanding.  The overall premise of the movie was the feature of the thousands who worked behind the scenes to get the astronauts safely launched but the focus was on three women and specifically regarding problems they encountered due to being black.

Something you don't see in the movie is Ms Goble was married to Colonel Johnson for sixty or sixty-five years.  Smart as a whip, loyal to a fault, and there you have Elizabeth Goble.

Note:  marginally relevant fun fact is that Walter Cronkite was married to the same woman for sixty-five years.

A side bit of snarky snark:  do you suppose Walter Cronkite's net worth ever approached that of Rachel Maddow or Bill O'Reilly?  What a deal in the New Age, huh.

Tomorrow is the start of the New Day and the regulars have seen the build or at least the parts suitable for public spectacle.  Everyone's being brave and particularly the star.  There's another who's shining as his own star.  Sometimes tough times bring out the worst in people but in others they bring out the best and this cat has gone past dude coolness to man stuff.  Dudeness is great at the car races but some times need more and the man is right there.  Hat tip and respect.

I originally met Yevette about fifteen years or so back because My Duck Soup was a place she saw as a respite from the overall hustle of the Web and the orchids are still there but I don't do that kind of photography anymore.  That's not a regret as there was a time for it during the recovery from the biggest bike crash and that's when it was supposed to happen.  Those pictures still exist:

Holy shit!  They don't.  I've just reviewed the site and the pics poofed.

Well, that will get fixed later since I don't want to lose the point.

It bugged me so I did look and the site works with Firefox but Safari choked.  I've been getting more dissatisfied with Safari's performance lately.  It's got great speed but it chokes on certificates and good luck getting that fixed if they ever get whacked.  I screw with the certificates every so often try to repair the problem but eventually get pissed off and walk away from it.  Maybe soon time to just chuck Safari since other browsers don't fail that way.

The Orchid Conservatory is on My Duck Soup and it has a hundred or so photographs I shot of orchids, mostly at Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati.

Ithaka is not averse to getting all over political scuzzbuckets but that's hardly a respite from anything when that swill is all over the Internet.  I like to think Ithaka is a little different since the Rockhouse doesn't accept LCD politicians and will slash any of them, regardless of party, when they fail.

Ed:  LCD politicians?

Lowest Common Denominator

On the right hand, we have Elizabeth Goble who represents as a Really Good Person with huge talent. On the left hand, we have riff raff like Jason Chaffetz who has run one investigation after the other which never went anywhere.

Ed:  you know the best bet

Of course I do but writing of goodness in that way makes Ithaka like the feature section of a newspaper which always runs stories about the new ribs joint in town or some such.  People get tired of it.

I do know the political content on Ithaka is somewhat like chicks venting which is something most men really hate.

Ed:  but you do it

So it seems, mate.

I see that fat, pompous fuck, Rex Tillerson, and want to run him through that Pink Floyd sausage grinder while Trump I want to keep pumping with his own hot air until he explodes.  He's behaving 'very badly.'

Kee-rist, what an asshole.

Ed:  nice respite so far!

Right.  We're in a time of turgid turbulence in which seas of congealed animal fat rise in slow, stultifying tidal waves.  Now for anything to be a respite, it not only needs to be pulled from the darkness but it needs to be dunked in a vat of GUNK to get the grease off.

It's a weak segue but I'll use it since it's not a Medicine Show starting tomorrow.  I don't know what kind of respite will be needed from that but there is only one job at the Rockhouse for the next few months.  Ithaka can serve that well or badly but the time is now.

It's scary for everyone but I think all is ready.

Mystery Lady was concerned prayers would not be appreciated by me but that's not how it goes and they're not a problem since they're not for me anyway.  I deeply appreciate the thoughtfulness.

The fundamental theme at the Rockhouse is you've got to believe and what that means to any individual may be different from any other but I'm not going to qualify it.  I believe she will get better.  Anything which does not support that, well, we kill it (larfs).

There's no way to know how Ithaka will respond to the situation.  It can't go Shirley Temple or Yevette will get bored.  It also can't cater entirely to Yevette or it might as well be email.  I know it has a role to play but it's kind of nebulous just now.  It will become clear; it's just a little spooky at the start.

I was always cool once the enduro race started.  Those races took off from a standing start which was controlled by a flagman who went through maybe a thirty-second process to do it.  As soon as the flag dropped and I could get moving, any butterflies disappeared.  Until that flag drops, there's mostly just, man, I don't fuckin' like this.

Ed:  why not be honest and call that fear?

Well, because it isn't.  Fear as I know it is when you're hit in the gut and you know absolutely, man, I am fucked.  It's not at all the same.

It's probably the same with my sibs since I didn't consider racing scary.  It was always a matter of trying something to see if I could do it.  I wouldn't mind betting that's almost identical to the way my sibs went after it.

Racing doesn't particularly scare me but this does so we get on with it.  About two months from now we clock it out and be done with it ...

because ...

we don't
we don't
we don't fuck around

- Gary Burbank, Cincinnati, owner of the finest ribs joint in town

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