Thursday, June 15, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 6/15


Some Radical - ways to approach managing batteries for Electronic Vehicles and not just better batteries; these ideas are extreme

Talking - Fate published the poem since I set it for a time in the future which would allow me to look at it further but I didn't and there was a surprise on seeing it.  At first I thought the ending was too brusque but nothing else would have worked without turning it into a fairy tale.

Won't Get - this time the Progressives have a machine and are even more highly-motivated than ever; we're not going to bomb anyone

Racism - this one keeps churning since there's immense cognitive dissonance between the perception and the reality of his actions

How About - now this drone delivers something you really need ... as in for staying alive

When the Scalise - that was an incident which sucked but calling it horrific was ludicrous

What's Hot

#Photography - these haven't been such huge hits with you but I still like them and some do better than others but none of them completely tank

False Start - the saga of the Martians is ongoing

Dairaby - lovely song played on the most unusual instruments in a village in Africa (Playing for Change)

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