Thursday, June 15, 2017

False Start with the Martians but All is Well for They and We ... and the Frogs

All cellphone companies are run by Martians as you know from your own experience, as are all cable companies, particularly in their customer support areas.

Ed:  they're really all Martians?

Ever' blessed one of 'em

The last days have been fraught with tactical / schmactical which is another way of sayin' the dog ain't got no bone.

I did try, tho, but this doomed sojourn had no chance since it started at three in the afternoon and it's so hot by then even the fahr ants won't come out.  I lasted for a while but finally waved it off for the morning.

Ed:  fahr ants?

Yes, sir, since when they baht it will burn like a forest fahr.

You may think they're like some large and scary monster bugs but fire ants are tiny, no more than flightless midges, but I doubt any midge which ever lived can deliver a punch like these creatures.  I'm told the sting is somewhat worse than a bee sting which really isn't that awful but how much worse is unknown since they're not aggressive.  There are fire ant hills all over the yard but they don't bother anyone even when it's mowed.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 5s is no longer supported ... but ... they offer an iPhone SE for twenty bucks more.  This saga started with a used iPhone for about $25 and is now up to seven times that much and this information alone should be sufficient to understand why I knew my future was not in doing business.

That's not a plea for more assistance and money since, WTF, we're not the Pentagon so everything is copacetic except for timing.

In my early days of project management, I would sometimes announce the plan final ... but that met with some amusement because project plans are never final unless they're so vague they didn't mean much in the first place.

Therefore, the tentatively final plan for resolution is another foray in the coolness of the morning.

In other news, there wasn't any since there wasn't even enough for a nailhead this morning ... but ... we have frog heaven ... yes, FROG heaven.

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