Thursday, June 15, 2017

How About a Drone ... with a Payload You Will Like #Science

We're not talking about a drone bringing you a brand-new Fidget Spinner from Amazon but rather a medical drone which carries a defibrillator.  (The Observer:  Drones Carrying Defibrillators Could Save Lives Faster Than Paramedics)

The next big thing in medicine? Karolinska Institute

Well, it's probably not the Next Big Thing but a defibrillator when you need one is a Gigantic Thing and get this ...

Researchers from the Center for Resuscitation Science at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute found that drones carrying an automated external defibrillator (AED) reached people suffering cardiac arrest more than 16 minutes faster than emergency crews.

- Observer

Sixteen minutes could easily be the difference between recovery and D.O.A. so it looks like there's definite potential for it to be a Gigantic Thing for people in need in such a way.

After we have seen It Just Might Save Your Life, the story is tapped out unless we consider what else this Florence Nightingale marvel robo may bring.

Ed:  medical marijuana?

Right you are, CBD Man, since it's small and easily-portable, a perfect candidate for such a conveyance.

Ed: but what if my CBD delivery interferes with a defibrillator delivery?

Well, CBD Man, I'm guessin' your delivery will wait.  Do you think you can manage?

On a somewhat-related side note, there was an article within the last few days about some Big Pharma tycoon trying to patent CBD.  That met with immediate outrage since CBD is well-known and is the fundamental to most or all of the medical marijuana extant today.  Moreover, it's extracted from the plant just as with THC.

Ed:  that CBD was invented by God!

The Great God Mescalito?

Ed:  no, the other one, the Big Kahuna.

Well, we're guessing he must have invented it since one thing we know for sure:  Big Pharma did not.

Some of y'all see the Big Kahuna as the One God and that's ok but it can get confusing since the Rockhouse has many gods.  Of course there's Neptune under the Sea and don't even be telling me the Big Kahuna invented the demons Neptune made.  Many of them look like monsters from a bad sci fi movie and nothing like that walks, slithers, or slides on land.

Neptune said to all his creatures, "Sure it's dark down here but, wtf, I'll give you lights.  Maybe some of you have trouble finding something to eat so I'll make some glow in the dark.  What could be better, my children?"

Verily, they came.

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