Thursday, June 15, 2017

When the Scalise Shooting Gets 'Horrific,' the Rockhouse Gets Fed Up

Likely you doddering old windbags out there know already the only thing approaching national news is the secretive GOP health plan and there's been an excellent effort by MSM to say almost nothing about it nor is there any protest about closed door politics.

Meanwhile, we have Scalise and one or two others who were wounded by gunfire at a congressional softball match.  When a Louisiana Republican votes determinedly in support of gun ownership and then gets shot by one, the Rockhouse doesn't see news but poetic justice.

Sure it sucks to be him but it's America and shit happens.  It wasn't that interesting until this started turning into white congressional pride.

Note:  you probably knew you wouldn't like this when you started into it but please do bear with it, if you will.

There was lots of outrage yesterday in the context of how could anyone dare to shoot a congressman but, as above, when you vote in support of gun ownership as Congress has done assiduously, WTF else do you think will happen eventually.

The outrage didn't change anything at the Rockhouse except carried forward the sucks to be him thinking longer than it was needed for anything useful.

The point at which this went to white pride, congressional edition, is when CNN called the shootings horrific.  WTF do you mean horrific?  No-one got dead behind it; the situation just sucked seriously bad.

The Rockhouse doesn't want to insult you by flogging this so only one example of something which isn't horrific will be presented although there are countless others.

When cops shoot a thousand Americans a year and kill them, it's typically blown off as the cost of doing business, they needed to be killed, and/or America is safer now.  If anyone were to label such killings as horrific, such a person (i.e. me) will likely be labeled a Left wing extremist.

We can save some time for those who have already typified Sanders supporters as being the ones to pull off sniper attacks, let's save some time.  Yes, yes, it's all true.  We of the Socialist Left own all kinds of guns and we burn giant crosses in the fields all the time as we plot the violent overthrow of the country.  It's all (cough) true.

Yesterday was the first example of the Left wing performing a terror attack in any modern time in America since it's typically been right-wing extremists but the commonality throughout is they were lunatics with little sense and sociopathic purpose.  The Rockhouse rejects categorically the actions of any of them.

Since some of you are not among the Regulars, I had a gun between 1970 and 1972 when I was in the Army and that taught me everything I ever needed to know about gun ownership:  I don't ever want one.  I never did acquire one and still do not want one.  The Rockhouse never lived by the sword and, thus, never died by one.

The events yesterday did suck but they weren't horrific; they weren't even close to horrific.  That's not going to be an excuse to launch into a litany regarding the Many Things Which Are Wrong since you know already one can find inhumanity in multiple directions.  We prefer to recognize such things exist and move in another direction such that we may do something positive to remedy the situations rather than doing things which will inevitably exacerbate them.

- Infer a lengthy and fervent monologue in praise of the Great Bernie with the Path to Peace and, with that, I will take my leave -

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