Thursday, June 15, 2017

Won't Get Fooled Again: Bernie Sanders Division #Politics

One of the most common criticisms of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ progressive movement is that challenging the Democratic establishment will help President Donald Trump and Republicans remain in power. This criticism pushes progressives to fall in line behind the Democratic leadership, which in 2016 lost the presidency, both majorities in Congress, and 1,000 state legislature seats across the country. Despite establishment Democrats viewing progressives with the same disdain that they did throughout the 2016 Democratic primaries, progressives are creating a resistance that takes on not only Republicans but the ruling class that is strangling the Democratic Party.

The Observer:  Establishment Democrats Face an Army of Progressive Primary Challengers

A tour of Facebook in recent days has revealed the toxicity on the matter is undiminished and they cling to the idea of Russian election interference so the entire Facebook community can feel victimized at once since there's nothing they enjoy quite so much.

The idea of Russian interference is comical to any Progressive since we saw how much Clinton was doing it and the interference costs Progressives the most over the short run but it cost the entire country over the long run due to corruption of the electoral system, etc.

The Rockhouse observes little evidence of inductive reasoning or they might be asking a different question:  who did NOT interfere with the US election.

- Comey and the FBI

Comey was trying to interfere with the election after the fact by leaking information and it was revealed as SOP for the FBI to do that.


They live for interfering with elections and have done since their original authorization.

- White House

There are frequent complaints about leaks from the White House but no-one has ever been prosecuted for it.

- Congress

About all anyone can do with the modern Congress is the use of it to drain your pasta after boiling it.

Yeah, yeah, so the list goes on and on.

Progressives went into the last election like "Mister Smith Goes to Washington" but that town got a whole lot more evil since Jimmy Stewart tried and succeeded with going to Washington.  Everyone loved Mister Smith but the same ones reviled Bernie Sanders for doing exactly the same thing.

That was a remarkable phenomenon to observe but we won't get fooled again.  Once the Clinton machine started the Big Spending, it destroyed everything in its path but this time the grass roots is empowered across the country and is getting stronger all the time.  Bernie Sanders has been polled repeatedly as the most popular politician in the country and he has been joined by the best of the Progressives in the country.

The grass roots is still running with the vibe of "Mister Smith Goes to Washington" but we will at least carry shields this time on the front and the back.

The matter comes to the top due to some forays into Facebook since diversion is better than writing too many articles.  Keeping at the limit of 10-11 articles per day keeps a pace which has been seen to be working well for you.  However, adding Facebook as a diversion won't due to the overwhelming toxicity of their thinking.  I find coming out of there I'll need to refocus before I'm willing to write anything and sometimes I won't because I don't want that sort of thing coming here.

The observation is regarding the Facebook Effect.  If you present opposition to anything on Facebook, you will be swarmed by like-minded friends of whomever presented the original hypothesis and all of them will be trying to crush whatever you said.  I submit, dear readers, that's one of the most dangerous forms of personal interaction extant in the world today and it's one of the specific sources of the conform or die mindset.

The advisory for Progressives in general is Facebook has some value for promotion but only when you keep your personal engagement low.  The actual front with Americans is with the fifty percent who did not vote in the last election.  It only takes 25% to win the Presidency as was seen in Election 2016 so the pool of those who are fed-up with the system is much larger than those who are complacent about it.

Progressives may be many things but we are not complacent and the campaign never stopped.

Further regarding the Facebook Effect:

It occurs to me anti-vaxx shows an implicit powerlessness parents are feeling and they use it to control one of the few things they can regardless of whether there is any actual benefit to abstention when they know, if they have done any reading at all, that benefit doesn't exist.

The isolation and narcissism seem largely driven by the same thing in terms of feeling powerless in front a world out of control, govts out of control, people rioting all over, etc. There's safety or the illusion of it in cloistering with those of like belief since with them you can't ever be wrong.

The clear and present danger of social networks becomes ever more apparent, particularly when the corporate world has wrapped around them like a giant killer squid.

- Silas

I was appalled by one who said I will take my chances with TB but that kind of naivete pushes an impossible position since anyone will crawl through broken glass to restore lung function after it is lost - One Who Knows

For what it's worth, the only intelligent discussion coming out of Facebook was with two conservatives regarding education and not that rubbish from Betty DeVos but structural in the context we have used on Ithaka sometimes and which has generated good discussion.

The Rockhouse adamantly believes humans require opposition since its absence only means we get fat, dumb, and lazy.  Let's call that the Roman Emperor Syndrome or Facebook, as you like.  Progressives are willing to face those conservatives on the political field of battle but we won't with anyone from Facebook unless they're cheerleaders but most are far past any value in that regard.

I look great in a tutu, however.  Wanna see?

Ed:  NO!

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