Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"Talking to the Turtle" #Poetry

It was a sybilline encounter
which made so little sense
I was looking for love
and she was looking for rent
It was time to talk to the Turtle
since he's the only one who knows
he carries the Earth above his shell
and he sees where it goes

I ask him who has forced him
to take this awful job
but he just looks at me sagely
while solemnly he nods
I didn't understand him
but it's wise to heed his words
he's the only one who knows the way
while he carries his angry herd

I ask if all the complaining
can ever get him down
but he said he doesn't hear it
since he doesn't want to drown
in their fears for the future
for anything which comes
so any way I will go,
it's better somewhere else

They run for Mother in the kitchen
and then take her for a wife
and they love all old movies
with some wine can be nice
When there's fear of the future
the things behind will shine
and no matter what comes
they only drink more wine

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

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