Monday, June 12, 2017

The New, the Blue, and Fru Fru le Pew #News

In a rare moment, CNN actually wrote of policy instead of whatever Lindsay Lohan is doing and this time to comment about Trump undoing one of the few things Obama got right (i.e. normalizing relations with Cuba).

CNN:  Trump to reveal new Cuba policy in speech next Friday

Even Nixon showed wisdom regarding China (shrug).

That was the New.

CNN didn't stay long away from the People magazine approach to news since they also reported Melania Trump and their youngest son have moved into the White House since she figures, wtf, it will only be four years.  It shouldn't take Kreskin to figure out what will still be Blue in this new arrangement.

For Fru Fru le Pew, we have FARK with its offering of a link to see Selena Gomez flashing some side boob w/nipple.  The old pedophiliac voyeurs who get off on that have major cases of headworms but that's all we need on the matter.

For some news which may actually interest you, we have the Richard Hammond crack-up and you probably know he's ok but a bit damaged from it.

Here's the look of a Rimac Concept One ... before Richard Hammond smashed it all up and got it burned beyond recognition although his was mostly white.

Unknown if you saw the clip but it's not such a good one and the summary is the crash wasn't a terribly hard whack ... but ... the course was dangerous and the perimeters were not secure.  The car hit in just the right place to go through any containment and tumbled down a bit of a hill.  The car then burned up for a total loss but how that happens with an electric car is left for the interested student.

Hammond walked (sort of) away from it before the car started burning and he's in the hospital now after surgery to fix or replace his knee or his ankle.  That's all cool and we wish him the best but our interest is in the Moment of Dudeness.

The Supreme Moment of Dudeness was when Craig Breedlove cracked up his Spirit of America car during a speed run at the salt flats while he was doing 500- to 600-mph.  After a highly dramatic crash, amazingly, he emerged from the vehicle and immediately said, "For my next act, I will walk on water."

It will take the entire platoon of Lebowskis to top that one but we submit it's impossible since it's likely no greater Dude Moment will ever happen ... but ... anything can happen.

Richard Hammond had his Dude Moment and he didn't come up with the clever quip but it's cool he remains with us and not as the Undead.

In closing, the Rockhouse humbly submits, the last is New, Blue, Fru Fru le Pew rolled into one since the car was worth a megabuck or two and now it's all blowed-up.  The Dude abides.

Note:  I didn't recently watch "The Great Lebowski" but the inspiration, like a Jain monk, is with us forever.

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