Tuesday, June 13, 2017

#Photography on the Blog 6/13 | A Trait, You're Bait, and a Date

North Sumatra, Indonesia

A young orangutan is rescued from a palm oil plantation, along with its mother, and taken to the Gunung Leuser national park

Photograph: Jefta Images/Barcroft Images

The trait is human kindness, mates, and we've got some nasty ones which seem to get the most attention but that doesn't stop this kind.  Geez, check that helpless li'l muffin of vegetarian love.  They never hurt anything; they're happy to hang around to eat their leaves and things while they watch everything.

Guiyang, China

People stranded on a flooded street after heavy rains in Guizhou province

Photograph: He Huan/Xinhua/Barcroft Images

There are two things one can do in anticipation of rising waters from climate change.  The first is to prepare (i.e. move to higher ground) and the alternative is to reclassify yourself as bait.

Happy fishing.

Always remember, a bad day fishing is better than a good day working ... unless you're the bait.

London, UK

A model on the runway at the Bobby Abley show during London fashion week

Photograph: Estrop/Getty Images

Lo and behold, your Dream Date.

He has that resigned look in his eyes which says the strangest thing I will ever do will be the way I look.

Then there's that moment when you realize your dreams of being a Gargoyle are not likely to work out like you hoped.

Just call him "Pink" for short.

When tiptoeing through the tulips just isn't quite enough.

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