Sunday, June 11, 2017

Did You Hear Bernie's Speech | Shannon Jackson, Our Revolution

Our Revolution


Last night, the People's Summit came to a passionate culmination of dozens of working groups and panels with Senator Bernie Sanders' speech in Chicago. This is our movement. We are winning the support of the people, and we are going to challenge the top one percent with an inclusive, progressive vision for what this country and the world must become.

Our work hasn't been easy, but we are already transforming the political landscape at every single level of politics and government. Bernie highlighted many of the wins our movement has achieved from the stage last night. We've won leadership positions to state parties, like Morgan Carroll who took 91% of the vote to become the next chair of the Colorado Democratic Party. Monica Kurth won 73% of the vote for her state house race in Iowa, and Larry Krasner, a public defender of Black Lives Matter and Occupy, came from behind with an insurgent, grassroots campaign to win the Democratic primary for Philadelphia District Attorney. And just last night, our endorsed candidate John Courage won a seat to the San Antonio city council after his Republican opponent predicted a 70% victory. Election after election, our candidates have harnessed grassroots energy and won where progressives never had before.

We have a lot of work left to do. We can't make up nearly 1,000 legislative seats lost to Republicans overnight, but in a few short months we've already seen dozens of victories. That is revolutionary, but we need your help to keep organizing and winning elections. 

If this weekend's People's Summit is any indication, there are thousands of people ready to take the lessons from our wins, and from some hard-fought losses too, and bring that experience back to every corner of the country. Our progressive vision can win, as we saw in the United Kingdom, where Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party won 30 seats in Parliament after they were down 24 points in the polls.

Sound familiar?

What Bernie talked about last night is an expression of what we all feel deep in our hearts. We want to see economic, environmental, racial, and social justice be done in America—not only for our own sakes, but for that of our children, grandchildren, and future generations as well. We are fighting for a better future.

We need to sustain the passion and energy from the People's Summit and turn it into votes, stronger grassroots organizations, and bold, unapologetic strategies to bring about the change we all need to see.

Thank you for powering the political revolution. I can't wait to see what we will accomplish together.

In solidarity,

Shannon Jackson
Executive Director
Our Revolution

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