Monday, June 12, 2017

"War Pigs" HD | Black Sabbath | LIVE Melbourne, Australia, 2013 #Music

There's no need for me to write an anti-war protest since Ozzy did the best one fifty years ago during the Vietnam War and it still applies just the same.

The vid needs to be cranked; it thunders.

The vid was shot only a few years ago and he's portrayed as a doddering fool based on his reality show but you can see as it goes, his timing is immaculate and he knows exactly what everyone in the band is doing.

Unknown what process takes place between the house and the stage for such a transformation and I'm not suggesting dope or he would have vapor locked years ago.

Although I have never been to one, I know Ozzy has been thumping the big festival tour for years and the song may be even bigger now than it ever was.

I don't believe any of you want it to continue either so why doesn't the conflict stop.  The question is strictly rhetorical since everyone has opinions on why but still it doesn't stop.  I'm sure it can but we haven't been so good in pulling it off.  I know we're capable since we've seen the same thing previously.  I do not lose hope the fighting can be stopped; we just didn't figure out how to do it yet but we will.

Just because the Rockhouse loves you, here's something from Samantha Fish.

She kills it ... completely.  Respect

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