Monday, June 12, 2017

Teaching AI Robos about Love When Humans Aren't that Good at It #Science

Yesterday there was an article here describing how researchers are trying to teach AI robos about love ... and you hated it.  You didn't hate the article but it's clear you really, really don't like AI robos and estimate the chance of love with one at right up there with your dreams of a plasticine mama from a TV show.  (Ithaka:  If You Don't Hate AI Robos Yet, You Will #Science)

None of us really care for the idea of Love a Robo but the idea is flawed from the start when researchers are so enamored of their neural circuitry, they fail to recognize love triggers physical things in us.  Hormones start popping and our genetics come into play in a physical manner.  When you see The Thunderbolt, it's not just your neural circuitry firing and you sure as hell don't need me to tell you that.  Suddenly you see gold dust in her hair and daisies growing from it.  Who knows what you see but it's way, way past some type of intellectualization.

Ed:  it's called poppin' a woody and it's just lust

Negatory on that, Rumpelstiltskin, since we have evolved somewhat beyond that culturally and you lads out there know The Thunderbolt.  Sure there was some lust mixed in with all that but so much more.  Bells start fuckin' ringing.  Am I right, mates?

Of course, I am because Uncle Silas has experienced it too.  This doesn't come only from watching "The Godfather."

Ginger Girl:  we know The Thunderbolt just as well!

Of course you do and what fun would The Thunderbolt be if you did not.

The Thunderbolt doesn't always work the way we expect and you know that too since half the marriages blow up almost as soon as they come out of the gate.  Others go forever and there's no need for editorials since you know the truth of it already and some of you, to your admirable credit, have lived it.

Still, the fact remains ... when it comes to love, many of us suck at it.  There's no need to go on about the flaw in teaching that to AI robos when we're not much good at it ourselves since you likely don't believe it's possible either.

There isn't any particular moral to this since what should I say you do not already know.  However, there is one tiny extension.

All you need is love
but never from a robo
although maybe from a hobo
It's not any kind of dream
which can be filled by a machine
all you need is love

and The Thunderbolt

- Robert Lost

So, y'all crackerjack hipster programmers, go forth and teach your AI robo about The Thunderbolt.  Let's see you even try.  Maybe do it with COBOL ... what do you think?  (Ithaka:  Grace Hopper, COBOL Programming, and the Law of Evolutionary Potential #Science)

I didn't think I could rustle up much science after the weekend so lucky you, huh?  (larfs)

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