Monday, June 5, 2017

Truth in Rockhouse Selfie Coolness with a Yellow Fedora

There's one more piece to the ensemble which I might have omitted previously and the other went to Facebook as a profile pic but this one won't since there's no need for questions.  This is the infernal Nebulizer known so well to Cadillac Man and is one of the reasons for the ML EL and why it must work both ways.

Note:  it may be possible to complete the situation with the ML EL since Yevette already said she was willing to add me to her plan and that goes way back.  There's no way she's willing nor should she be to pay for an iPhone, even a far back-level one when that pops for $150 but I have that just about in-hand with the VA travel checks so this may happen as soon as she's able but payday will pop soon as well and then it's done for sure.  I do apologize for failing to munge up a Beg Button but the attempt to do it was sincere even if unsuccessful.

There's a mix of Gentry and Working class in Facebook but the Nobility isn't there and Untouchables are untouchable anywhere.  The thing I notice most about the genteel online elite is they're boring as fucking hell.  They go to many places but do the same damn thing in all of them.

Let's get together in some place expensive and have Second Breakfast or whatever the hipsters call ... oh, oh, oh ... brunch.  Hobbits know it better as Second Breakfast.

The Rockhouse distinguishes between the Nobility and the Gentry and we also believe there should be different tax scales for those who have worked and done well as compared to those who have squillions of dollars and rarely do anything substantive except buy more stuff.  That callous attitude of the Nobility has spread to the Gentry and perhaps that comes because there isn't enough granularity to the tax tables.

The Rockhouse doesn't know but the different classes are self-evident and Julian Assange observed a few days ago some think they're part of the Gentry since they pull $120K or better but they're still Working class when they pay off giant college loans plus the debt they accumulated in moving up to be young professionals (e.g. swanky new car, luxy new pad, etc, etc).  That debt almost guarantees they will never reach the Gentry.

So we just observe
through a twisted nebulized haze
a life-giving blaze
a medicated maze
which may help a little while
but really not that much
like a rabbit with a crutch
or an elephant who has caught a fucking cold

but that's the truth in life
and it's not much to behold
but at least it's something different
in an increasingly-boring world
where they keep telling the same tales
living their vicarious wails
breathing deep the sophist sweetness
as they wrap a blanket of self-adoration
and inordinately little else
around themselves

but the nebulizer vapor
at least allows us to see
the vagaries of existence
in all its different forms
from the buggery to the beauty
and the infinity of stars
won't come from Second Breakfast
or from hanging about in bars

- Colonel Abuthnot Jones

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