Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"Grunge Flow" | Artist J. Poplin @juicedawg73 | #art #abstract #ContemporaryArt

Artist J. Poplin @juicedawg73

There was no way I could pass on this one and Artist J. throws up quite a few of them but I have no idea when he may have executed this one or that one.  To discover that and a whole lot more of his work, pleased do check him out via the link above.

I was looking and thinking of a flow of life from darker below to higher but then I noticed there appears to be half of the head of a demon on the upper left and then it was a definite; this one has to play.

I know you can see his orange eye up there and I don't know what he's thinking but I doubt it's anything good so it seems we need to take good care navigating this flow of life but maybe that's the Earth in blue below and there's another creature but larger which emerges through to the upper right where we can see its eye.  She doesn't appear to be a dove of peace and she's not white anyway and I have no idea why it's a she.  The vibrancy of the low doesn't portend a threat whereas that demon to the other side may try to unleash something but our bird seems able to defend herself so perhaps she's a bird of many colors who only wants to fly right by.

For visions of your own, contact Artist J. and discover more of his work.  The radical dynamics grab me but never in a cartoonish way since they deliver great passion and power.  This is another of his pieces which needs to hang, well, wherever it wants. 

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