Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"Sometimes It's Good to Be a Squirrel" #Poetry

When the night turns dark then darker,
the weak will cut and run
but they will miss the parts we see
when comes the rising Sun
We see those mighty oak trees
growing quite misplaced outside
where they stand next to the sidewalk
and have grown large to this time

The walk is bent and broken
and eventually it will lose
since life will find a way
and sidewalks cannot choose
but the squirrels do not care
where there are oaks there are acorns
and the squirrels quickly come
with acorns everywhere

The street can break to pieces
and the squirrels will not mind
so long as the oak stands proudly
and gives acorns for them to find
That tree also gives protection
and they always hang upside down
and at first that makes no sense
to point back at the ground

But when he takes that position,
the squirrel will get the first bite
and the predator may not wish
to get into that fight
and the squirrel has no quarrel
as he barks and as he grinds
he just wants to search for acorns
and he can see them there to find

- Colonel Abuthnot Jones

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