Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Come Back, Lovely Russkies | The Rockhouse Misses You | with Hanksy Graffiti

The Rockhouse loves Russians because they rock harder, they protest for real, and they can maintain even when America fucks with them night and day.

What other word even matters for trippin' except maintain, maintain, maintain.  You scofflaws out there are no strangers to trippin' and you know how that goes.

I don't know Putin personally from his horse but I do know he maintains so cool even when the monkeys are throwing poo from every monkey house in the world.

Putin sits back, so cool, and says, "Hey, Comrades, fling poo all you like but if you cross that border I will fuck your shit up and I can do it.  Mother Russia's history proves it."

The Rockhouse completely digs that.

And then Putin said, "Heya, comrades ... no flies on you, huh?"

He didn't know what it meant but we fell down laughing since he so nailed it.

Ed:  did he actually say that?

Nope but I'd give up a guitar ... well, the bass ... to hear him say it.

Vlad:  heya, Donald.  No flies on you, huh?

The Donald:  huh?  What did you say?

Vlad:  no flies on you, Donald

The Donald:  did Israel send you?

Vlad:  fuck Israel

The Donald:  maybe we ought to stick to talking about flies.  Did you hear about how DARPA has developed a top secret robo fly which can be used for international surveillance and the CIA will start implementing those in Russia any day now. So the question is no flies on you!

Vlad:  Israel already told us you would say that

The Donald:  how the fuck did they know?

Vlad:  the same way as comrade Jimbo Comedy.  They make it up.

The Donald:  what do you know about Israel?

Vlad:  I know their only combat experience is in slaughtering Palestinians and if any Israeli aircraft comes anywhere near ours we will smoke the motherfucker.  We play Big League and Israel should stick to what it does best: genocide against defenseless Palestinians.

The Donald:  that will anger Americans coast to coast!

Vlad: only the ones who don't mind genocide. I ask again, Donald ... no flies on you, huh?

Hanksy NYC asked the same thing:

New York City, US

Hanksy’s Dump Trump mural was one of the most recognisable anti-Trump artworks during the election campaign. ‘The mural was a joke and so was Trump. Unfortunately the punchline never came and it’s scary as hell,’ Hansky said in a statement. The mural was erased early this year by the building’s owners – though Hansky has said he’d happily paint it again

Photograph: Alamy

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